Wild finish shocks ‘Jeopardy!’ fans with ‘M. Night Shyamalan level plot twist energy’

Wednesday's danger! Left viewers stunned like the last danger! The round ended with the most unlikely master. Candidates Jon Spurney and Tim Everhart each had a $ 12,200 lead over Melis Sahin-Collins, but that didn't stop them from winning.
The last danger! The category was "European Landmarks" and the note read: "Of the main architects who worked on it from the mid-16th century through the 1980s, such as Pierre Lescot and Hector Lefuel, were not foreigners."
None of the participants gave the correct answer, namely the Louvre Museum. However, both Spurney and Everhart staked all their money, while Sahin-Collins offered zero dollars. As a result, Sahin-Collins was crowned a new peril! Champion.
The audience was shocked by the unexpected ending. Several fans took to Twitter to celebrate the amazing win.
The win also surprised guest host Mike Richards. "Not what you expected, but you can play again," Richards told Sahin-Collins. "Congratulations. Impressive! What a game."
Although Sahin-Collins only took home $ 2,000 which is the amount of the runner-up, it was a great bet and a great win.
Danger! is a syndicated program; Visit Jeopardy.com or check your local listings for the TV schedule.
See why Wheel of Fortune fans didn't laugh after Pat Sajak mocked the candidate:
Wheel of Fortune fans didn't laugh after Pat Sajak mocked the candidate's lisp
Long-time Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak recently came under fire from fans for allegedly making condescending jokes against attendees. And during the player introductions on Monday's episode, he insulted a few more fans with his questionable comedy. Candidate Chris Brimble made a pretty good television appearance in every way. Although he didn't advance to the bonus puzzle, he took home $ 12,250 and appeared to be having a good time. However, some fans were upset because Sajak mimicked the participant's lisp. Surprised viewers took to Twitter to share their dismay and disappointment at the host's perceived mockery of the attendee. One disgruntled viewer tweeted, "Thank you for making fun of people lisping on tonight's show, you arrogant, overpaid fool - Pat Sajak. Stop it now. Maybe you'd understand if you grew up with a speech impediment."
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