Will Kate Middleton Become Queen? Here’s What We Know

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle resigned from their official duties, we can't help but think about what's next for the royal family. For example, will Kate Middleton become a queen?
The answer is yes, but you will be surprised that this will not happen for some time because her husband, Prince William, is second in the British line up - not first. Here's what you need to know:
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1. Will Kate Middleton become Queen?
This is a loaded question, but the simple answer is yes. Middleton will eventually become queen when Prince William is appointed king, but that will only happen after his father, Prince Charles.
There is a common misconception that Prince Charles will abdicate the throne to Prince William if Queen Elizabeth resigns (or dies) as a monarch. However, this is almost certainly not the case. The reality is, Prince Charles becomes king when Queen Elizabeth decides to give up the throne.
2. Is Kate Middleton called "Queen"?
Not really. If everything goes as planned, Middleton will likely be given the title of a queen consort. According to the royal family's official website, it is a tradition that royals become wives through marriage. For example, before his retirement in 2017, Prince Philip was technically a prince consort of the Queen - not the King of England.
"Unless otherwise decided, a queen's wife is crowned with the king in a similar but simpler ceremony," the website says.
3. When will Kate Middleton become queen?
We don't have an exact answer, but it may not be too far away. You see, Prince Charles is already 71 years old. So when he takes over the throne, he doesn't have a historically long rule like Queen Elizabeth. This means that Prince William and Middleton could become king and queen in another decade or so. You know, exactly when your three children - Prince George (6), Princess Charlotte (4) and Prince Louis (2) - are in their prime teens.
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