Willow Smith Shares Why Aftermath of Will Smith's Oscars Slap Didn’t "Rock" Her

While the world may put celebrities on pedestals, Willow Smith doesn't hold her famous family up to those expectations.
When her father, Will Smith, beat Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, she didn't let the resulting media frenzy get her down, telling Billboard that the scandal didn't interfere with her creativity or "shook me as much as my own inner demons."
"I see my entire family as human beings, and I love and accept them for all their humanity," the singer continued. "Because of the position we are in, sometimes our humanity is not accepted and we are expected to behave in ways that are not conducive to healthy human living and are not conducive to honesty."
Will shared a similar message in a video posted to social media on July 29, where he addressed fans' questions about the slap, noting, "I'm human and I made a mistake."
Will slapped Chris onstage at the awards ceremony in March after the comedian made a joke about the actor's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who presented the shaved head while presenting the Oscar for Best Documentary (the actress publicly announced talked about alopecia).
Celebrities react to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at Oscars
After winning the Best Actor Oscar for his leading role in King Richard later in the ceremony, Will apologized to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and to his fellow contestants in his acceptance speech. He apologized to Chris in an Instagram post the following day. Will explained in his recent video that he didn't apologize during his speech because he was "dizzy at the time," but reiterated that he was sorry for attacking the comic.
"I reached out to Chris and the message that has come back is that he is not ready to talk and when he is he will make himself known," the Men in Black graduate added. "So I'm going to tell you Chris, I apologize to you. My behavior was unacceptable. And I'll be here whenever you're ready to talk."
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Will, who has since resigned from the academy and was banned from its events for the next 10 years, also made it clear, "There's no part of me that thinks this is the optimal way to deal with any sense of disrespect or handling insults" and that he chose to hit Chris alone, noting, "Jada had nothing to do with it."
"I'm sorry baby," he added. "I want to apologize to my children and family for the heat I've brought on all of us."
After once again apologizing to his fellow contestants, especially Questlove, who won the Oscar presented by Chris, Will addressed all the fans disappointed by his actions.
"Disappointing people is my core trauma," said the star of The Pursuit of Happyness. "I hate letting people down. So it hurts It hurts me psychologically and emotionally to know that I haven't lived up to the image and impression people have of me, and the work I'm trying to do is that I'm deeply repentant and I try to be repentant without feeling mine to shame yourself."
And he promised that he is "deeply devoted and determined to bring light, love and joy to the world."
For his part, Chris has remained relatively quiet about the incident, aside from doing a few references on his stand-up shows. Jada has expressed her desire for Chris and Will to make amends.
"My deepest hope is that these two intelligent, capable men have an opportunity to heal, speak out, and reconcile," she said on a June episode of Red Table Talk. "In the state of the world today, we need them both - and we all need each other more than ever. Until then, Will and I will continue to do what we've been doing for the last 28 years, and that's always figuring this thing out called living together."
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