Windhorst: Sixers star Ben Simmons is ‘available’ in any trade scenario

The Philadelphia 76ers are among the top teams in the league, led by a young star duo in Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. The team has had a lot of success in the regular season, with them leading the way, but they have not yet made a breakthrough in the east.
With Daryl Morey in tow as the new president of the basketball operations team, there has been a lot of thought that he would swap one of the two stars to find better fits. He's the guy who has a reputation for being one of the more active front office members when it comes to doing business, so it makes sense.
The big trade rumor was that the Sixers were sending Simmons to the Houston Rockets for angry superstar James Harden. A report came out that Simmons was available in Harden trade talks, but Morey then denied that report, saying the team is firm in its stance on keeping Simmons.
ESPN's Brian Windhorst then jumped on his The Hoop Collective podcast, believing the claim is a little wrong:
Daryl Morey, in my opinion, and this is not an assassination attempt on a character, it's just a statement, he's not credible with what he says publicly about his trading intent. He came out the other day and said, "We're not going to deal with Ben Simmons." I don't find that credible. In addition to the fact that very good reporters have reported that Ben Simmons is available, I heard myself that Ben Simmons is available.
The Sixers seem to be doing everything they can to make sure Simmons is okay and to put out the fires a little. Along with Morey's allegation, Trainer Doc Rivers called Simmons to tell him he was not being acted upon. Whether or not the team takes their word for it, another act remains to be seen on this team, one that was already worth seeing from the start.
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