Winona Ryder Calls Out Hollywood Anti-Semitism, Repeats Mel Gibson’s ‘Oven Dodger’ Comments

Winona Ryder shared her experience of anti-Semitism in Hollywood and repeated an encounter with Mel Gibson in 1995, in which she said the actor described her as a Jewish "oven dodger."
"We were at a crowded party with one of my good friends and Mel Gibson was smoking a cigar and we are all talking and he said to my friend who is gay: 'Oh wait, will I get AIDS? 'And then something came up about Jews and he said, "You're not an oven washer, are you?" Ryder told the London-based Sunday Times while playing her role in the HBO limited series "The Plot Against America" advertised.
A Gibson representative said that Ryder's comments are "100% wrong" and that Ryder is lying.
"This is 100% wrong. She lied about it over a decade ago when she spoke to the press and she is lying about it now, ”said the representative. "She also lied that he tried to apologize to her at the time. He turned to her many years ago to confront her about her lies, and she refused to discuss it with him. "
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Ryder, who was born Winona Lauren Horowitz, said she identified herself as a Jew, although she didn't consider herself "religious." "I find it difficult to talk about because I had a family who died in the camps," she said, referring to the Nazi concentration camps where millions of Jews were killed during World War II.
The actress also told the Sunday Times that she had seen other cases of anti-Semitism during her career. "There are times when people said," Wait, are you a Jew? But you're so pretty, "said Ryder." There was a film I made a long time ago, it was a historical piece, and the studio head, who was a Jew, said I look too Jewish to be in a blue-blooded one To be family. "
Ryder's comments on Gibson were first published in a 2010 edition of GQ, and she added that Gibson "tried" to apologize to her later. Gibson's representative says this is a lie too, although he confronted her many years ago and she refused to speak to her.
Ryder is currently playing in "The Plot Against America" ​​and will appear in the next season of "Stranger Things".
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