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People flee Ukraine in the snow, October 2022.
Napoleon's invasion of Russia is known to have been stopped not only by tactics or a resistance army, but also by the weather in the winter of 1812. During World War II, when Hitler was fighting on two fronts - with Britain, the US and other forces in the west and with Russia in the east - it was the impossibility of surviving the winter that contributed to his ultimate defeat.
According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Vladimir Putin is now turning things around: he is using the upcoming winter against Ukraine as a "weapon of war".
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Ukraine is located in a part of the world that regularly experiences sub-zero temperatures during the winter months; The average January temperature in Kyiv ranges from -1 to -7 °C (30-19 °F). Therefore, conveniences like gas and electricity are even more important than anywhere else or at other times. It is precisely this infrastructure that the Russian army is targeting as its invasion of neighboring Ukraine enters its tenth month. Since October, Russian attacks have destroyed or destroyed more than 40% of Ukraine's power plants, pipelines and transmission infrastructure.
Russia arms the winter
"What we have seen since President Putin's brutal invasion of Ukraine is President Putin's failure in Ukraine," Stoltenberg said at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Bucharest, Romania yesterday (November 28). "He's responding with even more brutality, attacking gas infrastructure and power lines and trying to deprive Ukrainians of water, electricity, light and heating."
"Therefore we must support Ukraine, because we see that President Putin is trying to use winter as a weapon of war, which causes a lot of suffering to the Ukrainian people," Stoltenberg said.
Snow has started in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, which had a population of 2.8 million before the war. According to the International Energy Association, before the war Ukraine met about 65% of its energy needs from a mix of domestic fossil fuel production and nuclear power; for the rest it imported fossil fuels, mostly from Belarus,
The Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz has asked the US for help, Reuters reported. (In October, USAID had already committed to spending $55 million on Ukraine's heating infrastructure.) In November, the UK also announced specific aid to Ukraine's energy system, including a $50 million guarantee for the state energy supplier. Ukraine's Attorney General Andriy Kostin told the BBC this week that such attacks in the winter amounted to an attempted "genocide".
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