Wisconsin Mustang Driver Runs From The Cops, Gets Surprise Visit

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He found out that he is not above the law ...
On July 18 this year, police in La Crosse, Wisconsin, received a call about two cars that were allegedly involved in road races. It wasn't long before a patrol came across one of these vehicles, a yellow Ford Mustang, because such a drive is not noticed at all. Instead of doing the smart thing and just stopping to speak to the police, the driver decided to run away.
Here's what a Ford Mustang did when it invited itself into a house recently.
We've been seeing this kind of thing far too often lately. Even though the guy was in a hotter car than what the police were driving, they didn't have to catch up with him. In fact, in the newly released dashcam footage of the incident, you can hear a police sergeant ordering his officer not to pursue. This is a fairly common tactic when dealing with a nonviolent offender in many jurisdictions, knowing that sooner or later they will have their husband.
In the video you can see this guy escape three times from the La Crosse city police. He probably laughed at how slow the cops were, since they didn't have a beautiful, shiny, and very distinctive car like his. The catch was that the police got a solid description of him as the driver, as well as the license plate.
According to the video, police believed the driver was 23-year-old Commodore Cornelius. They saw the guy pull a neck gaiter over the lower half of his face as he passed police officers, supposedly to hide his identity.
According to police, Cornelius bought the Mustang from a woman on the Facebook marketplace just a month before the incident. He hadn't registered the car, which was probably why he didn't want to stop. Also, he probably thought he might escape for the same reason. The woman didn't know his name, but of course she had his Facebook info. That was enough for the police to find out who he is.
It gets even better: Cornelius was on parole and had an arrest warrant. He was also deprived of his driver's license. Of course, in this life situation, the best thing to do is to buy a Mustang and race with other drivers. Armed with this information, the police showed up at Cornelius' apartment and arrested him. Then he threw a hissing fit in the back of the car.
See for yourself (attention: language).
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