WNBA player scores a touch down against her varsity quarterback brother

WNBA player Loryn Goodwin and varsity quarterback TJ Goodwin are two very sporty siblings. While both clearly excel in their sport of choice, Loryn paused from basketball to track her little brother. The professional baller posted a clip of her and TJ in which they have good fun with old siblings during a soccer game in the backyard.
"That's how it is to be a girl in the Goodwin family. Are you so rough with your siblings? Lol. Watch to the end as I catch a girl," wrote Loryn, the only girl in the game in which Video title.
In the video, TJ tries to block Loryn and he doesn't spare her. He pushes her and guards her as she tries to run barefoot in the grass. But it's all fun. Loryn can hardly stop laughing if her brother doesn't let up. Hey, if you and your sibling are both big giants, you can definitely get away with a little horse game!
But she is not afraid to show that she is definitely a professional athlete. Loryn manages to get rid of TJ, catch football and get a touchdown.
The sports center shared the video on Instagram, where it was viewed over 3.5 million times.
"Crazy respect. It is hard, ”wrote one user.
"Give this girl a place on the Eagles," commented another person.
"She plays in the WNBA, right? She is talented, ”added one person.
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