Woman alarmed by boyfriend's ‘creepy’ holiday gift: ‘I was in shock’

A 22-year-old woman gets a massive online response after sharing her "shocked" response to a friend's gift.
The woman, who shared her experiences on Reddit's AITA forum (Am I The A ******), wrote that the gift her boyfriend gave her last Christmas caused so much controversy that the couple still that's why it's still fighting today.
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The controversy began last April when the couple moved in together. At that time, the woman lost an "important", very personal diary that she kept at the age of 12.
"I was heartbroken and searched wherever I could think of finding that missing diary, and my friend was there to comfort me and help me look," she wrote.
However, her diary appeared more than seven months later. This discovery led to the argument that many Reddit users described the woman's boyfriend as "creepy" and "selfish".
"How long have you had this?"
On Christmas Eve this year, the woman and her friend exchanged gifts. She gave him a new pair of shoes and he handed her ... the missing diary.
"I was ... not happy with my gift, to say the least," she wrote. "After opening it, I was shocked and he smiled and said, 'Do you like it? 'And I didn't know what to say, so I just shook my head and said,' How long have you had this? ? '”
The friend claimed that he found the diary in the woman's car in the summer and recorded it as a special "surprise". This explanation only triggered a larger argument.
"I told him that he shouldn't have waited so long to give it to me, especially at Christmas, and that it was a damn move on his part," she wrote, adding that "there is still today." " Resentment and awkwardness between [us]. "
"Thoughtless behavior on his part"
Hundreds of Reddit users replied to the woman's post, with the majority of the commentators on their side. Several argued that the friend's "gift" was actually his girlfriend's property and that he should have returned earlier.
"He didn't give you a gift. He kept you from you for several months, which made you troubled. He knew he had one of your belongings and deliberately kept it away from you because he knew you wanted to have it back. Incredibly selfish and thoughtless behavior on his part, ”wrote one user.
"He took something that was important to you, most likely knew he was going to hurt your feelings, had the audacity to keep it, and then got angry because you didn't want a stolen gift," added another. "It sounds like he doesn't take you seriously."
Others were more sympathetic and wrote that they could understand the friend's intentions, although his execution may have been wrong.
“Your friend may be one of those interested in romance at the film level. I say this because I can't see that he had bad intentions when he did. He is most likely an unsuspecting romantic guy, ”wrote one commentator.
The woman meanwhile wrote that she and her boyfriend's friends were split on the matter. However, this department was less present on Reddit, where users officially viewed it as "NTA" (Not The A ******).
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