Woman baffles internet after sharing ‘scary’ item she sleeps with every night: ‘I’m genuinely curious’

Several adult social media users go viral after sharing the articles they've slept with since childhood.
The trend that started at TikTok with a user called coreyxnathaniel has sparked a massive online debate. Some called the videos "bad", others found them extremely reliable.
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Each clip follows a similar format, with users - many of whom are in their early to mid-twenties - unveiling their decades-old baby blankets. Meanwhile, Coryxnathaniel's original audio is played in the background.
Many of the clips, like Gabbinaturman's, which has been viewed more than 1.3 million times, have left the Internet deeply divided about whether sleeping with a baby blanket is disgusting or comforting.
"You can also go to bed with the spiders in the corner," wrote one commentator about the blanket, which was reduced to a knotty fabric chain.
"LMAO, I thought I was the only one," wrote another.
Blankets are far from the only item caught in the trend. A TikTok user called twigstrem, who is 22 years old, shared the plush, "baby development toy," with which she has slept since childhood. For comparison, she even looked up a new version of the toy on her computer.
"His name is a friend, don't come for me," said the user about her video.
"I think a friend may need to go to the hospital," joked a commentator.
"Ok, but as you can see how loved he is," wrote another.
Ultimately, the videos certainly raised questions for some TikTok users, but for many, they gave them the opportunity to find solidarity with something that previously embarrassed them.
"I expected this to go wrong, but while it is a little embarrassing to still have a boyfriend, it's nice to know that people my age are still finding comfort in their Bby toys," Twigstrem commented on hers Clip.
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Post-TikTok users share the baby blankets they still sleep with every night that first appeared on In The Know.

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