Woman Breaks Down as Black Man Alleges She Used Racial Slur in Seattle Road Incident

A black man who claimed to have been racially abused by a white woman in Seattle, Washington while driving a joint video of himself confronting the woman who shields her face and screams in apparent distress while he speaks to her.
Karlos Dillard claims that the woman cut him off when they met on the street, that she raised her middle finger to him and called him "n **** r". He also said that she had started following him, but stopped and quickly turned back when she saw the video was recorded on his cell phone. Dillard said he then followed her, which led to the interaction in this video.
The footage shows the woman driving into an underground car park when Dillard stops behind her, gets out and approaches her car. "Karen, you won't be sitting there and throwing me off," Dillard says.
The name “Karen” is a derogatory term that has been coined online in recent years and refers to white women who are said to be racist, overly demanding, or using their privileges at the expense of others.
The woman gets out of her car and says: "I have a black husband", "You totally call me something that I am not" and "You attack me."
When Dillard records her license plate and home, she crouches to cover the plate and begins to cry.
Later Dillard speaks to viewers and tells them that she called him "n **** r".
Before the video ends, Dillard tells Leah that he "doesn't want to hear your white tears" while she can say, "I'm sorry", "I don't know the streets very well, please forgive me" and "My heart it's all about this movement. "
The video has been viewed over 5 million times on Dillard's Twitter and Instagram. Photo credit: Karlos Dillard on Storyful

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