Woman charged with aiding ex-boyfriend’s suicide, previously accused of culpable homicide

According to ACRA records, Alverna Cher Sheue Pin is the director of City Funeral Singapore. (PHOTO: Facebook / Alverna Cher)
SINGAPORE - A woman previously accused of culpable murder in the death of her former boyfriend has been downgraded to aiding and abetting suicide and obstruction of justice.
Alverna Cher, 39, was tried in the state courts Tuesday (October 26) for facilitating the suicide of 32-year-old Wee Jun Xiang by inhaling nitrogen gas at 145A Bedok Reservoir Road on May 16 last year. Cher is accused of turning the valve on a nitrogen tank four to five times, helping Wee get the tank into a lying position, and positioning the tank to pour the nitrogen gas into an IKEA bag.
Cher also faces a second obstruction of justice charge.
She is accused of having asked a Cheo Oon Hui, Lawrence, to drive a motor vehicle containing a tank of nitrogen gas used in Wees' suicide away from the multi-story parking lot on site. She allegedly also disposed of the IKEA bag. She is also accused of falsely informing a police officer that Wee told her he was going to leave before April 16.
The Singaporean, who is the director of the funeral home City Funeral Singapore, is represented by pro bono attorneys Josephus Tan, Cory Wong and Josiah Zee.
If convicted of aiding and abetting Wee's suicide, Cher faces a prison sentence of up to 10 years and a fine.
Cher also faces a maximum of seven years' imprisonment or a fine, or both, if found guilty of obstruction of justice.
If you feel in need, you can call the SOS 24-hour helpline at 1767 (1-SOS). You can also send an email to pat@sos.org.sg.
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