Woman divorces husband after noticing suspicious detail in photo of him: 'Most ridiculous lie I've ever heard'

Yet another confused lover headed over to TikTok to share the shocking way she claims she caught her significant other scammer.
TikTok user @tylarpaige said in a video that she was checking Facebook when she allegedly noticed a photo of her husband "with some girls" in a nightclub. The picture was taken by a professional photographer and shared on the venue page.
"He's not wearing a wedding ring, so I ask him about it," she said in the video. He responded with the "most ridiculous lie I have ever heard".
"He tells me they chopped off his ring with photoshops," she said, laughing hysterically. “You took off his ring with photoshops? Oh sure they did. We are divorced. "
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In a second video, @tylarpaige claimed her then-husband changed his story. She said he claimed he took off his ring to wash his hands and forgot to put it back on.
"What a good time to forget to put your ring back on," she said.
Other TikTok users shared their support for her.
“Girl, you are not divorced! He just got out of your life, "said one.
"I can't believe he thought you would believe that," wrote another.
In the comments, @tylarpaige claimed her husband was a narcissist and said she read books to understand his behavior so they could stay together.
Ultimately, because of "countless" lies on his end, they couldn't figure it out - but she said this was the funniest.
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