Woman infuriates best friend with surprise financial decision: ‘It is not my job’

A woman told her friend about it after asking for extra money and gifts over the holidays.
She shared the incident she felt guilty about on the Reddit "Am I the A ******" (AITA) forum. The woman's friend, Kellie, has children and is often poorly managed her money. However, the Reddit user is childless and has money to spend.
She usually buys Kellie's children's gifts when she's from out of town. However, when Kellie discovered that the user was buying gifts for other people's children, she was upset.
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“Kellie and I have been good friends for six years and she has a daughter and son aged 5 and 3. I love her children and spoil them endlessly. Every time I come to visit I bring them gifts that I have collected over the months of my weekly TJ Maxx trips, ”explained the user. "I never show up empty-handed for these kids and I love them."
The user always pays for travel and activities for Kellie's children, in addition to buying gifts, but that wasn't enough for Kellie.
"I went shopping with her on Black Friday and picked up lots of toys for boys ages 8-15 (as opposed to their 3-year-old son)," the user explained. “When she asked what they were there for, I explained that I had“ adopted ”a family of disadvantaged children in order to get gifts. […] I told her that since I have no children of my own to go shopping, I wanted to spend my extra bonus money on her. She looks me dead in the eye and says, "What do you mean, that you don't have children to go shopping? You could use it on my children, you know how much we fight sometimes and you make so much money." Let Be very clear to me: your two children are already indescribably spoiled. […] I'm trying to do the right thing for children who need it, and I've told her so much, I exploded and told her everything I said above and she started crying. "
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Reddit users believe the friend is out of line.
"Seems like they think you're an ATM," said one person.
"It sounds really justified," said someone else.
"Sounds like she's using you for your money," wrote another.
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