Woman 'learned the hard way' why you shouldn't buy expensive things online: 'You've paid way too much'

A British woman has a serious case of buyer loyalty after unpacking a designer handbag for which she paid £ 675 ($ 930).
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The results of shopping can be a mess at times - so much so, there's even a meme about it. Sometimes the pant legs are “inhumanly long” or the bridesmaid dress that you thought was perfect turns out to be “so ugly”.
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In this case, Khloe Kalvina (@khloekalvina) ordered a pink Balenciaga bag online and was then amazed at how small it actually was in real life. She recorded her reaction in a video that she uploaded to TikTok.
"So when you say mini, you really mean mini," she wrote as the caption.
Kalvina added that the handbag really only contained her ID - it didn't even fit in her phone.
"I'm not paying £ 675 for a Balenciaga mini bag thinking it was just a bag for my cell phone and money," she says in the video.
Comments were divided, with some expressing surprise that everyone would spend so much money on a handbag, and others complaining about the problems of buying luxury products online.
"I really learned this the hard way," someone said. "You can't buy luxury online."
“What do people keep in it anyway?” Asked one commentator. "Or do they just [wear] it like an accessory, like a belt or a necklace?"
"No way, you paid way too much for a bag like that," added another.
After some of their replies, it appears that Kalvina eventually returned the wallet. But the mini-bag trend continues to amaze people.
Refinery29 traced the mini-wallet trend back to French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, who showed off a 3-inch handbag called Le Chiquito at his 2018 Spring / Summer show. For the Jacquemus Fall / Winter 2019 collection, the designer dropped the 2-inch Le Chiquito Petit.
Then, at the 2019 American Music Awards, Lizzo showed up with a tiny Valentino bag that became a meme almost instantly.
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