Woman makes crazy discovery about date just days after get-together: 'Men are SICK'

The dating world is rough. If you think you've met someone who might be you, find that the two of you are simply not compatible - or worse, that your Mr. Right is actually someone else's Mr. Right.
Recently, Twitter user Anna shared a story that really highlights the sad reality of being single and navigating the dating world. Apparently she "got along" and "teamed up" with a man, just so that he got engaged to his ex-girlfriend a week later.
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In a screenshot that Anna shared on Twitter, she confronted the guy and asked him, "What was wrong with your Instagram post? Busy, engaged? "
Understand yourself and met this guy last week and saw that he posted a photo today. ENGAGED hahahaha LA is wild
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"We have been on the road again and again since Thanksgiving," he replied. "She got wind that you and I were hanging around ... and she said if I didn't put a ring on it I would never see her again ... we are here in Mexico for her bff bday and s * ** was in wild with drugs and friends the last few nights and we didn't expect it, but we just did it today. "
Anna's earlier affair further explains that he and his fiance "are not yet engaged in the United States, only in Mexico". (It's not a thing.)
"I literally take my life one day at a time and it's crazy, but damn it ... Idk, that's my life and I'm in love with everything in my heart," he said.
People - mostly women - quickly rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on how "men are not doomed".
"Men are sick," said one person.
"Gentlemen aren't like that, it's really easy," added another user.
Many people simply couldn't believe the mysterious man thought that an engagement in Mexico in the United States didn't count.
"Has anyone else been held" only in Mexico "??? Does he ... do he believe that engagements can only take place in one country at a time?
"Phew, I thought he was engaged in the United States," joked another person.
In a follow-up tweet, Anna explained that she had no resentment and simply posted the screenshot as a “funny tweet”. At least she still has a sense of humor!
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