Woman 'played' by budget-friendly fashion retailer: 'Why, Shein, why?'

A woman bought unusual pants that were almost the length of her entire body.
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Sometimes you order things online and they don't look like what you see in the picture. When Brittany Enck ordered a pair of blue jeans from popular online retailer Shein, it didn't meet her expectations at all. She shared the bizarre floors on TikTok, where people enthusiastically toasted them.
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"Five feet of pants for three feet of legs," wrote Enck in the caption. "Shein played me."
She said the pants looked a bit long on the website, but Enck thought that would be ideal for her proportions.
"It's really hard for me to buy pants because I'm short, but my legs are really long for my small waist, so pants are always too short for me," she explained in the video.
Then she held up the jeans in front of her. They went from her ankles to her chin.
"You are not too short!" Enck joked before trying on the jeans.
The Shein pants looked really good up close. They fit your waistline perfectly. But when she pulled away from the camera, it showed that the pant legs completely covered her feet and more. The pants looked almost like diving fins.
“I read the ad. They are there to be "stacked", but they don't come stacked, so should I do that, "she said, rolling up her jeans. "But why? Why, Shein, why?"
Enck's video received 2.8 million views. The comment eagerly shared their post.
"You ordered from your Slenderman collection," said one person.
"You will grow into it," wrote another.
"Welcome to problems with short girls," added someone.
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Woman 'played' by the online fashion retailer: 'Why, Shein, why?' First appeared on In The Know.

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