Woman pulls 'humiliating' prank on boyfriend: 'This is so evil'

A TikTok user goes viral thanks to the "bad" prank she did to her boyfriend in the supermarket.
On June 21, the user, who is traveling with maddiehen02 in the app, uploaded a video of her now viral joke to the platform, which has almost 3 million likes.
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"So my friend doesn't know anything about tampons, does he? So I'm going to ask him to get me a super tampon and I'll say it's lime, ”she explains at the beginning of the video.
Then she approaches her boyfriend and asks him to grab a "16 pack of lime tampons ... not the lemon, the lime".
Although maddiehen02's friend is rightly confused - "Why are they seasoned?" You can hear him asking - he is still going to the aisle where the tampons are and looking for the "limes".
"Sorry - do you know what lime is? She said she wanted lime tampons, ”maddiehen02's friend asks a customer colleague. The equally confused customer just stares at him.
When maddiehen02 comes to her to see if her boyfriend has found the lime tampons she asked for, he hands her a green box of tampax beads. (Limes are green, so the logic here is honest.)
To make sure the tampons are actually lime, maddiehen02 asks her boyfriend to smell them.
"Do you smell them ?!" he answers incredulously. "It smells like a box."
"Why do you smell tampons? It's so funny, ”says maddiehen02, while sniffing. Finally she giggles and walks away while her boyfriend stares at her in disbelief.
People love the maddiehen02 prank - and their friend's willingness to go the extra mile for his girlfriend.
"It's so nasty and so funny," said one person.
"He's a king who went out of his way to look for them and even asked a random lady to make sure he had the right ones," added another user.
"The humiliation ... I ... gold," commented a third person.
Fellas: There are no lime or lemon tampons for later reference.
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