Woman reveals the alarming relationship red flag she shouldn't have ignored: 'I'm so scared'

The latest trend on TikTok is to think of yourself as the biggest red flag for relationships you have ever ignored.
The trend apparently started on December 1st when user Zoe Bridges said on a video, "I heard we introduce ourselves as the biggest red flag we've ignored."
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Then she revealed the big "red flag" from their relationship, which was simply that their ex was named Jake.
Many people were equally bitter about all the Jakes in the world.
"If his name starts with a J, run that h * ll away," said one user.
"IT'S ALWAYS THE JAKES," added another.
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Bridges' video sparked a wave of responses from similarly despised people who couldn't wait to share the red flags they ignored.
A user named Jamie revealed that her ex-boyfriend could only appear in bed if she pretended to be dead.
"This could be a winner," stated one user.
Another user who comes by @zeetlejuice had a different horror story. Your ex had to pretend they were brother and sister to be turned on.
"And not just step!" She explained. "Really. Related by blood."
Thankfully, @zeetlejuice made it clear in the comments that he is an only child. At least there is!
User @bassikk announced that his ex was so drunk at a bar that he had to drag her into the house, where they then vomited everywhere and called him by the name of their ex.
"Yikes," said one person. Yikes indeed.
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The Post-TikTok users share the biggest red flags of the relationship that they have ignored. They first appeared in In The Know.

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