Woman reveals wild process behind walking her dogs while living in the Arctic Circle: ‘It’s pitch black 24/7’

Rolling your dog in Svalbard is not the same as walking your dog in, say, Florida.
It's not the same as going anywhere with your dog. Svalbard, a chain of Norwegian islands far inside the Arctic Circle, is exposed to total darkness for several months each year.
When you add in heavy snow, freezing temperatures, and the risk of polar bears, you have a pretty tough road ahead of you.
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This is what Cecilia Blomdahl, who lives in Spitsbergen, experiences every day. In a now viral TikTok video, Blomdahl shows what it's like to prepare yourself - and her pups - for a walk.
As Blomdahl explains in her clip, it is currently "pitch black" outside her home around the clock. This means that your dogs are essentially "invisible" when you walk them - even at 4pm.
So Blomdahl adorns the puppies with clearly visible collars, bright vests and lots of flashing lights. She herself wears a headlamp and many, many layers of warm clothing.
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Perhaps the most shocking revelation in Blomdahl's video, however, was her rifle. The dog owner said she had to bring a gun because of the polar bear threat.
TikTok users seemed baffled by the amount of work that went into Blomdahl's daily routine.
"I'm sorry. GUN? POLAR BEARS?" One commentator responded.
"I was annoyed taking my dog ​​with me this morning in 28 degrees and no rifle was required," added another.
“It was the pitch black snow storm at 4pm. for me, ”wrote another.
Blomdahl's dogs don't seem to be deterred in the least. Your TikTok shows the animals playfully running through the snow and even stopping to roll around in it.
The TikTok with the dog is just one of Blomdahl's many videos about her life in Svalbard. Her other clips show what it's like to drive snowmobiles, live in a cabin without running water, and drive to the gym - all in one of the coldest and most remote places on earth.
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