Woman says a Disney World employee asked her to change out of her 'inappropriate' bikini-style top

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Alyssa Schuller was asked by a Disney World employee to put on a free t-shirt (images via TikTok / AlyssaSchuller.
A 22-year-old woman revealed on social media that a Disney World employee allegedly gave her a t-shirt to wear for not wearing an "appropriate" top.
On Friday, Alyssa Schuller shared a video with TikTok documenting her experience visiting Epcot at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The short video quickly went viral, drawing more than 3.7 million views.
In the clip, Schuller explains in a text that a Disney World employee accompanies them to get a free T-shirt to change.
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"It's true guys," reads the text on the screen. "I'm escorted to a free shirt because mine is 'not appropriate'."
Schueller pans the camera briefly on her black bikini-style crop top and then films herself in the t-shirt that the park gave her.
Schuller commented on her own video, stating that she enjoyed a separate Disney World park the same day before the incident.
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"For your information, I was in Animal Kingdom all morning with no problems. Went to Epcot and that happened. Went back to Animal Kingdom and had no problem again," Schueller wrote. "If Disney wants a dress code, they have to. But the inconsistency? Please."
Schuller's video sparked a debate among viewers about dress codes and their direct connection to sexism.
"Oh, look! Misogyny!" someone comments.
"Why does it matter what she wears when she pays a fortune to get to the park anyway," wrote one person. "I don't see anything wrong with your outfit."
Someone else pointed out that one of Disney's most famous characters wears nothing but a bra and should therefore negate any dress code that is imposed on women.
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"Women should dress how they want, wherever they want," they commented. "Ariel is literally wearing a clam bra, so why is that inappropriate?"
Others argued that since Disney World is a facility for families and children, dressing modestly should come with the territory.
"Then maybe wear a real shirt?" someone wrote. "It's literally a kids' park."
"Why would you wear this to Disney in the first place?" another added. "It's known to be a pure, family-oriented environment. Wear that to the bar later."
“But why are you dressed like you're going to a club? It's Disney, "someone else sounded.
Some viewers informed Schuller that Disney World has a dress code. According to the Disney World website, guests may be refused entry or removed from the park if they wear clothing "deemed inappropriate or clothing that may interfere with the experience of other guests".
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In particular, she emphasizes that "clothing that inherently exposes excessive skin areas that may be considered inappropriate for a family environment" can lead to refusal to attend.
"Disney has a lot of rules," wrote one TikTok user. "If you go, accept the rules. Don't you like them? Don't go."
"They have a dress code," commented another. "This one is on you, beast."
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