Woman Says She Always Mediates Fights Between Friend And Her Boyfriend, Is Like Their ‘Personal Dr. Phil’

Bri ’Nicole says her best friend Sabrina always tells her about her problems with her six-year-old boyfriend Harold. She claims that Harold is a "total narcissist" who refuses to give Sabrina room, while Sabrina was an "amazing friend" who supported Harold emotionally and financially. The problems between Sabrina and Harold are just too much for me " says Bri 'Nicole. "I'm like her personal Dr. Phil. "How does Sabrina pay to stay in the relationship? And how do she and Harold react when Dr. Phil tells them," You are addicted to each other's attention "? Check out the video above on Stalking Me ! '", Dr. Help Phil fix this "toxic relationship", or is it finally time for this couple to go their separate ways? Check the local lists to see where you can see her to keep her from leaving the house by spamming text messages too. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Do you have a story Dr. Phil won't believe?

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