Woman Says She Has Stalker Who Tracks Her, Has Climbed In Window … And It’s Her Boyfriend Of Six Years

"My friend Harold literally follows me all day," says Sabrina. "I always have to explain to Harold where I'm going, how long and with whom." She says that if they have an argument, she will kick him out and he will stare at her through a window. "Then he breaks into the house again by jumping into the window." Harold says the couple, who have been together for six years, have a communication problem. In the video above, hear why he says their relationship became "toxic". Can Dr. Help Phil fix this "toxic relationship" or is it finally time for this couple to go their separate ways? See what happens in the Tuesday episode, "'My friend is following me!'" Check the local listings for where to watch. WATCH: Wife says she always mediates quarrel between boyfriend and boyfriend is like her "personal Dr. Phil" TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Do you need Dr. Phil? Phil, to get real with someone?

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