Woman shares eye-opening police encounter to call out white privilege

A former New York City resident used social media to tell the story of a previous police encounter and highlighted the inequality between black and white treatment by authorities.
Following the assassination of Breonna Taylor, Columbia University MBA graduate Lexi Hill, who now lives in San Francisco Bay, shared details of her alleged incident in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 450,000 times since then.
"If you still don't believe that black and white people are treated differently by the police in this country, you have to think about what happened to Breonna Taylor while I'm telling you this story," Hill started.
She then described an incident in which four policemen showed up at their "respectable hour in the morning" at their apartment door to investigate an anonymous tip that residents of their unit "were building and distributing illegal firearms in the city."
"I looked at (one of the officers) and he looked at me and at that moment he thought I had an apartment full of guns and all he had to do was my face and the empty hallway behind me," continued Hill . "And of course I had the Caucasus laughing in the officer's face."
After telling officials that there were definitely no guns in her apartment, Hill said the group accepted their word because of their race, apologized for disturbing them, and left instead of looking around or asking questions.
As Hill noted in her TikTok, her story contrasts sharply with that of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black EMT who was shot when she was sleeping in her Louisville, Kentucky apartment by three police officers who said a "no - Knock command. "
Hill's video has garnered over 800 comments since then, some from TikTokers who recognized their own white privilege and some from users who couldn't believe how pleasant it was to be so bold in the presence of government officials.
"Honestly ... I didn't know you had so much courage to deal with the police," wrote one user. "I think you really expect to be treated as if you have rights."
"It warms my heart to hear that people are getting it now," wrote another.
"To be honest, I would have laughed too and I wouldn't have been afraid," said a third. "White privilege is REAL."
Last month, TikTok user Cameron Welch shared a powerful video explaining the "unwritten rules" that many Black Americans have to follow in their daily lives so they don't risk retaliation for violent and deadly acts against black people will.
Not surprisingly, many of the rules listed in Welch's viral video apply to law enforcement officials.
"If a police officer happens to stop you and interview you, don't speak back, just compromise," he said in a video that has been viewed more than 12.5 million times since then. "If you are ever run over, put your hands on the dashboard and ask if you can get your license and registration."
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