Woman shares nightmare exchange with customer over 'broken' candle: 'She was threatening to call the cops'

TikToker share their worst customer experiences on the video sharing platform and the results are staggering.
User Kayla Unique, who sells on Etsy, started the trend on December 18 with an insane story of a woman who allegedly tried to threaten her with a fake lawsuit after trying to get her out of multiple candles.
“I sent this woman a candle. It has been marked as delivered. She said she never got it. I said no problem, ”Kayla explained. “I'll send her a second one. She also said she didn't get that. "
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Kayla sent the customer a third candle, but as she explained in a later TikTok, it appeared to arrive "broken".
"So I said to her," Hey, listen, I think you're being dishonest. I will need to contact Etsy about this, ”she continued. "I had no idea what can of worms to open."
Kayla said the woman "asked and asked" her not to contact Etsy about the situation. But when the seller agreed that if the customer provided photo evidence that the last one arrived broken, she would send another replacement, Kayla said the woman snapped and "told me every swear word in the textbook."
Then the situation took a turn for the bizarre.
After Kayla told the woman she was going to block it and report it to Etsy, Ms. Kayla took Kayla's address out of the boxes the candles came in and sent her a six-page lawsuit with tons of misspellings and a "notary symbol" that was actually just that Hogwarts logo.
As crazy as Kayla's story is, tons of TikTokers have picked up the trend of sharing their own weird horror stories from dealing with customers.
User Bianca Manes, who also runs an Etsy shop that sells tutus and other cute costume accessories, said one year she had a woman buy one of her dresses for her granddaughter who was about to enter a Christmas contest.
About a month after the dress was marked as delivered, the customer apparently reached out to Bianca complaining that she never got the dress and could not use it for the pageant.
"She was so upset," recalled Bianca. "She threatened to call the police, she threatened to sue me, she threatened to contact Etsy."
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Bianca, who shouldn't be outwitted, said she shared her story on a "local tutu facebook group," where her colleagues went to work and found photos the angry client shared of her tutu granddaughter, which supposedly never arrived. Bianca claims she sent the incriminating photos to the woman and never heard from her again.
In yet another response to the trend, TikTok user @badjujumask said he asked a woman named Ashley on Instagram if she was interested in buying a face mask from his store.
In a screenshot shared by the user, the woman replied, "No, thanks for being gay, right?"
@Badjujumask not only replied, “Yes! Proud and Loud ”, but he also turned the customer's name into a temporary discount code - more precisely“ Ashleylovesthegays ”- for his face masks. Absolutely wild.
It seems that sometimes the customer is not always right.
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The story goes on

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