Woman slams mother-in-law for ‘out-of-line’ behavior: ‘Controlling and intrusive’

One woman was fed up with her mother-in-law's surprise visits and finally let her know.
She shared "Am I the A ******" on the Reddit forum, which led to the incident. The mother-in-law turned up repeatedly uninvited and even stole keys to the house of her son and daughter-in-law. After numerous attempts to defuse the situation, the woman finally snapped at her mother-in-law, who reappeared unannounced.
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“I've been married to my husband for three years. I immediately noticed how controlling and pushy his mother was. [Mother-in-law] is a massive cross-border commuter, ”the user wrote. “The main frontier were not unexpected visits. We left an emergency key with her and she used it whenever she wanted. We changed our locks and revoked her key privilege so she stole his keys to make a copy. We changed the lock again and gave the keys DO NOT COPY. She was furious and I explained to her that she had crossed the line so much that she was now on a 30 day break and every unexpected visit restarted the clock. 74 days later, she has no time off. "
The user is a nurse and is working overtime due to COVID-19. She was horrified to find her mother-in-law uninvited in her home after a long day at work. When she refused to make the mother-in-law's dinner, they got into an argument.
“I just said,“ Oh mom, you're not a guest, guests are invited ”and she went mad.“ I won't come over anymore, I'm not welcome, I just won't stop by. ”I just said,“ You promise it? "And she stormed out," said the user.
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Reddit users thought the mother-in-law let it come.
"It was far from just showing up," wrote one user.
"She was way out of line for asking you to make dinner for them," said another.
"Go ahead. Maybe she'll learn," someone commented.
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