Woman threatens to kick out houseguest over his ‘entitled’ behavior: ‘He is 100 percent taking advantage of this’

A woman let her friend stay home for free, but now she regrets it.
She shared what happened on the Reddits forum "Am I the A ******". The woman let her boyfriend move in when he lost his job during the pandemic. She said he could stay for free if he helped with the housework. Fast forward to over a year later and it won't help but find the time to play video games all day.
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"He didn't have a place to stay, so I offered to live rent-free in my guest room until he found a job," she explained. “Of course I told him that if he wanted to stay here he had to help around the house. It's been over a year now, and it hasn't helped much in the past few months. Sleep all day, stay awake and raid the fridge at night. I feel like I've taken in a teenager, but that's a grown man. My nanny has now told me that she does a bit of cleaning after laying my baby down for a nap because he doesn't. "
She decided to bring the subject up to him, but it didn't go down well.
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"I told him he had a week to get his shit together and drag his weight or GTFO into my house," she wrote. “He claims that he sleeps all day because his diabetes is making his blood sugar run out of control. I understand, but he's on medication. Personally, I pay for his diabetic-friendly food, and I think if he's up playing all night he could absolutely get some chores done. I don't ask him to thoroughly clean the house at night, but I don't think it's unreasonable to ask him to wash dishes and clean a bathroom. General help with household chores only. He now goes on Facebook and says that I will kick him out during a pandemic and knowingly make him homeless.
Reddit users thought they had every right to kick him out.
"It is not 'cruel' to refuse to pay for the privilege of hosting a selfish and legitimate person, it is just common sense," one person wrote.
"He uses it 100 percent," said another.
"It is basic human decency to clean up after yourself and try to help the friend who gives you a home," added one user.
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