Woman Who Praised KKK Apologizes, Vows To Never Wave Confederate Flag Again

The Missouri woman, who went viral for waving a Confederate flag that the Ku Klux Klan praised and vowed to teach her grandchildren to hate protesting Black Lives Matter in Branson, apologizes.
"I'm so sorry," said Kathy Jenkins to Ozarks First. "I mean, if it helped me to stand with Black Lives Matter, I would absolutely do it."
Jenkins said she "went black" during the event and can't remember what she said when anti-racism protesters gathered outside a shop selling Confederate goods.
However, the moment was captured in a widespread video when Jenkins - with a Make America Great Again hat and a Confederate flag - told demonstrators she was going to teach her grandchildren to hate them.
"I'm teaching them to hate all of you," she said, then raised her fist and shouted "KKK Faith."
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See how the police protect her racist ass
6:16 a.m. - June 22, 2020
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Jenkins said she doesn't support the KKK.
"I didn't say I was KKK or for the KKK," she said to Ozarks First. "I mocked her because I don't like to be called a racist."
She also said she lost her job and left Branson because of the incident - and promised never to wave a Confederate flag again.
"I didn't understand that the Confederate flag meant hatred," she said to Ozarks First. "I don't understand the entire history of the Confederate flag, but I'm learning."
At least some of the demonstrators are not buying their apologies.
Mental health attorney Kenidra Woods said on Twitter that Jenkins' vow to teach hate "hurt me to the core".
She added:
Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~

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I was in Branson MO w BLM when Kathy Jenkins said she was going to teach her grandchildren to hate us. It hurt me to the core. Here is her "excuse me": "I mean, if it helped me to be black with life stuff, I would absolutely do it." To me that sounds hellishly performative. 1 /
Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~

@ KenidraRWoods_
I'm always open to seeing people grow and accepting excuses, but that doesn't sound very real. I really think she only apologized for being exposed. I get people angry and sometimes "lose it", but I think that kind of hatred is deeply rooted in them. 2 /
02:14 a.m. - June 25, 2020
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The protest organizer Faith Pittser was similarly unimpressed.
"She knew exactly what she was doing," she said to Ozarks First. "She was on the side of the counter-protesters from the start and called obscenities and hateful words to our demonstrators."
Dixie Outfitters, the center of the demonstrations, called the demonstrators "thugs" who "hate our country".
The store belongs to a couple with a history of KKK support.
Anna Robb told the Springfield News Leader in 2015 that she "attended" clan events "years ago" but that "nothing even shows up".
Husband Nathan Robb, the newspaper said, is the son of KKK leader Thomas Robb. Anna Robb said at the time that they hadn't spoken to him in years.
The city guides in Branson, an important tourist center, reacted mixedly to the events.
The Associated Press reports that city councilors have been asked to denounce the KKK at a Tuesday meeting. Two did so, two were silent and one replied that the police needed more support.
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