Women are being asked to change out of 'inappropriate' tops at Disney World, but visitors say the theme park's rules are inconsistent

Screenshots from two different TikTok videos show women being asked to change clothes at Disney World. Amanda DiMeo / Alyssa Schueller / TikTok
Recent TikToks show that Disney World encourages women to remove "inappropriate" tops.
The company enforces a dress code to ensure a "family-friendly" environment on its properties.
Even so, women say the rules are inconsistent as they are sometimes allowed to wear revealing shirts.
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Disney World enforces a dress code to maintain a "family-friendly" environment on its Orlando, Florida real estate, according to the company's website.
But according to women recently asked to remove "inappropriate" tops there, the rules of the theme park are not always uniform.
Instead, two women who spoke to Insider said that Disney World staff asked them to take off their shirts, which they had previously worn at the theme park with no problems. One also noted that they were embarrassed when asked to cover up.
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Amanda DiMeo was the first to go viral on TikTok for getting a free shirt at Disney World after wearing a top that the theme park deemed inappropriate.
She said in a video on May 20 that she was wearing a shirt showing her underbust and had received a coupon for a free shirt change when she entered the Magic Kingdom. Your video has been viewed nearly 28 million times since then.
While DiMeo Insider previously said she “felt good” with the experience and was “happy” to get a free shirt that day, she also noted that she didn't know that her top was against Disney's dress code.
"I actually wore this shirt at Disney in January," she told Insider.
Amanda DiMeo shows the free shirt she got at Disney World. Amanda DiMeo / TikTok
Alyssa Schueller then posted a TikTok video on Friday that shows that she is experiencing almost the same situation in Epcot. Your video has been viewed nearly 4 million times at the time of writing.
In an email sent to Insider, Schueller said she was "unaware" of Disney's dress code prior to visiting Disney, indicating that she "didn't know a single person" who would review the company's dress code before visiting amusement parks.
But what made Schüller particularly frustrated, as she told Insider, was that earlier that day she wore the same bikini top with Animal Kingdom and had "no problems". Instead, according to Schüller, she was approached by a Disney employee that afternoon after arriving in Epcot for a dinner reservation.
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She remembered the clerk saying she shouldn't wear her top, and he specifically pointed out the thin ties that held her shirt together.
"I asked him if he had no problem at Animal Kingdom earlier in the day and he said, 'Well they shouldn't have let you in,'" she said.
As a result, Schuller said she was left "embarrassed" by the experience.
"I was with my two parents and my older sister and we were late for our 2:15 pm dinner reservations," she said. "We had to sit and wait until 4pm to eat and wasted most of our day on a romper that showed nothing but the torso and shoulders."
While Schueller also noted that the performer who escorted her to an Epcot gift shop was "extremely kind and patient" and even helped her choose a new shirt, she still believes Disney World needs to rethink its rules .
“Having a dress code isn't a bad idea, but I think Disney World needs to be more consistent in enforcing it,” said Schueller. "I went to Animal Kingdom later that day and again had no problem with what I was wearing. I also checked the dress code later out of curiosity and didn't mention ties on clothes there."
Disney World officials did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
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