Women are sharing how many dates it took them to make their relationship 'official'

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Defining a new relationship or asking "where is it going?" Can feel like one of the most daunting and intimidating things to do with a new partner. It really shouldn't be, because healthy relationships are all about clear and honest communication. To be safe, vulnerable and to risk your emotions is scary. But if you really don't feel like you can speak openly about your feelings to a romantic partner, it may be worth investigating why. When it comes to making a relationship "official" - whatever that means to you - it's hard to know when the time is "right".
Women on Reddit share how much data / how long they saw each other when they made it. Here's what they said ...
1. "I asked: 'What are we?' After three months he said, "I thought we had been in a relationship since the third date." I ask, "But you never asked ?!" To him: 'Well, I just assumed haha'. "[About]
2. "My husband asked me the day I met him. I was a little convincing, so we officially met a month later." [about]
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3. "Like on the second date? We both said to ourselves that nobody else was in the picture and that we weren't going to speak to anyone else. Our first date should only be sushi, but in the end we spent the whole day in the night together. After that, we just somehow knew that we were meant for each other. "[about]
4. "It was 10 months with my partner from the first time we met casually, to the point where we officially became a couple. It was a slow fire. We just had ours the first time Exen split sex, and none of us were really "over it." We became friends and saw each other very casually until I got over the worst pain of my last split and realized how wonderful my partner was. We had been together for eight years . " [about]
5. "After about six dates / two weeks, we decided we were exclusive. Two months later, I asked if we should talk about being official. He said he assumed we were since the exclusivity convoy. Oops. " [about]
6. "Two or three months for me! I'm going to be exclusive for about a month and then I need another one to see if it works and then I'm ready." [about]
7. "We never made things official, three years have passed?" [about]
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8. "We were officially on our third date, which was maybe a week after the start of our relationship. We knew each other a month earlier. We were together about five years and are very happily married." [about]
9. "About a month or five dates." [about]
10. "We were 'official / exclusive / whatever' from the start. I think none of us would have been willing to meet each other if it hadn't been." [about]
11. "Depends on the person. I met my friend on Bumble two years ago. We talked for a week, went on our first date, hung around every day for the rest of the week, and went official on Saturday . " [about]
12. "It was so complicated. It was a one-night stand that turned into friends with benefits that turned into feelings. The timing was wrong. So we canceled it. In May last year, we got back started talking and it took me about two months to be exclusive and three months to be official. Not really a kind of data. I don't really agree with that. "[about]
13. "After about a month (four to five appointments, but almost constant contact), he told me (when I asked because I wanted to meet her) that his parents knew my job, a general physical description of me, and that we were in were in a relationship. So then I think? He had apparently already made up his mind and just didn't bother to tell me. He probably assumed I knew. "[about]
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