Women call out 'creepy' stranger's unsettling airport behavior: 'This happens WAY too often'

Another video of a "creepy" man who allegedly takes pictures of a woman without her consent has gone viral.
TikTok user @bailzherb has shared footage taken at Arizona’s Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport of herself and her friend facing a "creepy" man who allegedly stalked her.
"I know some people don't understand why we're so upset / crazy, but that happens way too often and it's hurtful and creepy," @bailzherb wrote in her caption.
In the video, which has been viewed more than 2.4 million times, the two women approach the man and ask him if he is taking photos of them. He says no.
“We have just been told that you will take pictures of us,” the woman replies. He again denies the charge.
When the woman asks about the man's camera role, he says no and walks away. She asks why she can't see his photos when he actually doesn't take them - and he refuses again. The women continue to question him.
"I'll get rid of it," he says after a few minutes.
"Sir, it's really weird to take pictures of women in public without their permission, so you should never do that again," says one woman.
He pulls out his cell phone as he waves the woman away with his other hand, and one of the women asks him to watch him delete the photos right there so she can confirm they're gone.
“Just in front of me. Do you think i'm kidding? "she says in the video." I see you tremble. I see the photos. No, I see the photos right there. Delete them. "
He tries to hide his cell phone, but the woman holding the camera catches him deleting five photos of the couple. One of the women then asks the man to switch to his “Recently Deleted” folder so that he can permanently delete it.
The video then shows the man's face covered by a face mask. The female recording asks the viewer if anyone knows him and if he is "someone's father who takes pictures of women in public".
"I call you every day because it's weird and I never do that again," says one of the women.
The commentators on Twitter were amazed at the disturbing behavior of the man and impressed that the women resisted.
“He lied to her every second…. and then tried to brush it off and dismiss it as no big deal, ”wrote one Twitter user. "This is a master class for bravery and restraint of women."
“Now these girls got real stuff. They are rock stars and what they did hopefully make it creepy, ”said another.
"I'm so proud they called him !!! Too many creepy guys think they can do this stuff. I think they made him very nervous," remarked a third.
While it's not illegal to photograph someone in public without their consent, it's considered an invasion of privacy and is generally "scary," as @bailzherb noted in their caption.
This incident is strikingly similar to an April 18 confrontation between a woman who worked out at a Planet gym and a stranger who allegedly took her picture. She had to repeatedly ask him over the course of several videos to delete the photo before he finally did.
She said the man had been banned from this gym but what she really wanted was a real apology and his word that he would never do anything like this again.
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