‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Post-Credits Scene, Explained: What It Means for the DCEU

[Editor's Note: The following post contains spoilers for "Wonder Woman 1984".]
During the DC FanDome's opening event that summer, the Wonder Woman 1984 panel featured a number of common suspects, including director Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal, and a Quite Notable Superfan: Original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, whose presence was greeted with dizzying admiration by Jenkins and her roster of stars. Is it really that shocking that Carter, who both carried the Wonder Woman torch and was so happy on screen with his latest incarnation, has now appeared in Jenkins' first sequel?
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Well, maybe it's a bit of a shock. After all, Jenkins didn't include one in her first "Wonder Woman" feature, a big break not only with the rest of the DC Extended Universe, but with the entire current crop of superhero-centric features, all of which seem to have multiple In The Mid - and post-credits scene there is a lot of vital information and winking jokes for the audience.
In 2017, when Jenkins avoided the now-anticipated post-credits scene, she told HelloGiggles that she was "personally not a huge fan of theirs." The filmmaker added, "The end of a movie is the exclamation point I've worked hard for, and I don't want to do a commercial there for another movie. But I would have been open to it if it had flowed. In this case, it felt just don't look right. This is a stand-alone movie. It's not a chapter in anything else "more" and I thought jumping to a momentous lightning bolt in the future would shake the mood that I've worked so hard to create come. "
In the case of "Wonder Woman 1984" it clearly felt right and served more as an exclamation point (or perhaps as an emoji with a winking face?) Than as a pure "commercial" for the next excursion (but that could well be the case ...) .
In Jenkin's latest film, Gadot's Diana Prince finally dons a sparkling gold armor suit to fend off her newest enemies in the film's final great battle - a suit she already declares to her resurrected lover Steve Trevor (Pine) as belonging to another incredible Amazon has warriors, Asteria. In Diana's world, Asteria was the bravest of the Amazons, and when the warriors were forced into a battle with humanity, it was Asteria who stayed behind in her wondrous suit to hold them off while her sisters fled to Themyscira Island. However, she has never been forgotten, and every year the Amazons hold their annual games in her honor.
Asteria - and her suit (see above) - were left behind by humanity, and Diana searched for both of them for years (eventually she found the suit with no trace of Asteria being found). Maybe she was there all along. In reviewing the movie's second opening sequence, in which Diana rescued everyday people from somewhat insane (if still dangerous) mishaps, the mid-credits scene finds a mysterious (and clearly quite talented) woman who has some everyday citizens in front of them a falling pole saves in the middle of a crowded street fair. But while we've seen Diana before, this time around another Amazon is behind the aid: Asteria, played by Carter.
After Carter-as-Asteria rescues the innocent, stupid people off that pole, the beloved actress turns to the camera and confirms that she is Asteria and "she's been doing it for a long time". Cue literal wink. It's a sweet moment that could also signal more Asteria (and more Carter!) To appear in the seemingly inevitable third "Wonder Woman" movie. Is the world ready for two wonder women? Hell yeah, now more than ever.
"Wonder Woman 1984" is currently showing in select theaters and is being streamed on HBO Max.
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