Would you like a Slice of (hot) Sauce on your sandwich?

Frank's hot sauce on the shelf
If you feel like your life has been suffering from a lack of spice innovation lately, I have some news for you. You're about to get hot sauce ... from the slice made by a company called Slice of Sauce. I'm not sure how I feel emotionally about it yet.
You may remember a few years ago that Slice of Sauce previously made slices of ketchup to put on your sandwiches that looked like fruit leather. Ketchup on your foot? Personally, I find the idea kind of weird. Part of the attraction of ketchup to me is that it's sauce. I don't have to chew it. I can just drink a big warm glass of it like a normal person.
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Now slice of sauce made from ketchup branches. Food & Wine reports that it is moving into the hot sauce arena with two new flavors: Frank's RedHot and Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce. There is no word on whether it comes with a blue cheese dressing slice. If it's what I want it to be, these are likely squares of American cheese ready to smack on bread with some deli meat. Maybe you can roll it up and eat it in the pitch black kitchen at two in the morning if you're feeling spicy. I love my hot sauce.
These gluten-free spices with vegan chewing sauce come from a family barbecue recipe. The recipe called for discarding the vegetables used to make the sauce, but one day Emily Williams, co-founder of the company, decided to dry it out and mix it instead, and Slice of Sauce was born.
You can currently only pre-order spicy sauce slices. There's no ETA as to when the product will be released, but after a successful run on Kickstarter and a huge buy-in later from baseball star Alex Rodriguez on the TV show Shark Tank (with a cool $ 200,000 price tag) it probably is that you can soon put a piece of hot sauce on anything your heart desires. Just don't throw it on babies.

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