WWE star The Undertaker has 'no desire to get back in the ring'

Mark Calaway, known as The Undertaker, says he "doesn't want to get back in the ring".
WWE wrestling star The Undertaker has received a lot of support on social media after saying he "doesn't feel like getting back in the ring."
The 55-year-old, real name Mark Calaway, said in a recent documentary that "there was nothing left for him to conquer".
His words indicate plans to retire after a career spanning three decades.
But neither Mr. Calaway nor the WWE have officially announced his retirement from the league.
The Dead Man, as he is also called, made the comments during the new WWE biopics The Last Ride.
He talked about his last match against wrestler AJ Styles, which ended up burying his opponent and driving away on a motorcycle.
"It was a perfect moment. You don't always get it. If there was ever a perfect ending to a career, it was just the thing," said Calaway.
The Undertaker (L) has won several titles during his career
"It is time for this cowboy to really go away," he added. "I can do more good outside of the ring than inside. I am finally in a place where I can accept that."
He said he would consider going back for one last game, but that "only time would tell."
Mr. Calaway was a multiple heavyweight world champion, six-time defending champion in the tag team and winner of the Royal Rumble.
He started his career in 1987 with World Class Championship Wrestling and joined the WWE in the 1990s as the last member of Ted DiBiase's million dollar team.
Mr. Calaway told the BBC that he had turned down film offers because WWE was his "passion."
Mr. Calaway is also known as a WWE pioneer. He was part of the first Casket Match at Survivor Series in 1992, the first Buried Alive Match in 1996 and the first Hell in a Cell Match in 1997.
Despite his enormous popularity, however, he did not decide to follow superstars like John Cena or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in films.
He told the BBC last month that he "had the opportunity," but decided against it.
"It doesn't work for me," said Mr. Calaway. "Wresting and WWE is my passion. I invested completely here and my heart is there."
On Sunday, he tweeted a clip from The Last Ride and wrote, "You can never guess how long the road took to get to the end."
Its unveiling has sparked a wave of supportive social media news using the hashtag #ThankYouTaker. AJ Styles said he would be "honored" if their fight was the last of the undertakers.

Still impressed with the experience and reaction to the #BoneyardMatch at #WrestleMania.
If it was the last time @undertaker laced his boots, I am honored that it was against me. #The last ride
https: //

The temptation of a WrestleMania dream match with @AJStylesOrg brings @undertaker back for his last ride in the Showcase of the Immortals.

THE FINAL CHAPTER of #TheLastRide is now available on @WWENetwork!
https: //
7:03 p.m. - June 21, 2020
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Ring announcer Mike Rome also paid tribute to the wrestling star and said, "Thank you for making our childhood so cool."
Mike Rome (Austin R) plays the last of us 2

@ MikeRomeWWE
Thank you for making our childhood so cool. Thank you for the trips you have made with us. Thank you for growing and developing with us. Thank you for being bigger than life. Thank you for everything you gave wrestling. You will always be #ThePhenom. #ThankYouTaker
1:47 - June 22, 2020
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There has been speculation about his retirement in recent years. After losing a match against Roman Reigns, Mr. Calaway dropped his legendary gloves, hat, and trench coat in the middle of the ring in 2017 before going backstage.

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