‘Yellowstone’ Episode 4 Foreshadows the End for Beth

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'Yellowstone' Episode 4 SummaryParamount Network
The main players begin to side with Yellowstone. Episode 4 gathers what appears to be the core tensions for the remainder of the season - the killing of the parking wolves, Kayce's choice, Market Equities' reckless approach to ruining the Duttons, and once again Beth's never-ending hatred of Jamie - with Beth and John (and Rainwater?) on one side and market equities, environmentalists and maybe Kayce and Jamie on the other. But we will explain our reasons for the latter two.
What in the last episode seemed like a driving force for the rest of the season - Beth's attack on a California tourist - becomes a relative side issue in episode 4. However, the attack drives another wedge between Beth and Jamie. which can prove fatal for one and motivates John to seek outside help; There are only so many crises that a rancher/governor/father/tired man without whiskey can endure.
A few key points before we dive into the action. Kayce's vision. We suspected that Kayce's celebratory hallucination in last season would remain behind an annoying plot curtain for the rest of this season, and we were right. As a reminder, Kayce saw two paths from which he had to choose one. Kayce's summary of this choice: "the end of us." This end could mean the end of the Duttons or the end of his nuclear family. There has been speculation that Kayce will have to choose between his Dutton family and his own - a theory that seemed to have gained more credence last week.
One more point on all of this. Kayce's battle of loyalty between John and Monica provided the original tension in Yellowstone Season 1; It was the core battle of the show - the Duttons versus the outside forces trying to take over their country. Kayce's decision to marry and have a child with Monica, a woman from the reservation, threatened to divide the Dutton family. That tension was more or less smoothed out in later seasons -- as other dramatic plot points were introduced and the writing of the series marginalized both Monica and the story of the Broken Rock Reservation.
The last few episodes suggest we're finally coming full circle. But instead of John fighting Rainwater and Broken Rock, he might be heading towards an alliance. Where Kayce is going with this is unclear, however.
That's how the episode went.
She looks like a Beth
Outstanding network
After Beth spent the night in jail, she gets a visitor: Jamie. He outlines the seriousness of the assault charges and explains that if the Californian goes ahead with the charges, Beth faces real consequences - and therefore, so does John. Later that morning, Jamie manages to convince the woman not to press charges. He explains that she herself could face charges considering she instigated the fight, a trial that would likely land her in Montana. She decides it's better to get out of town. And she does.
Jamie's reward for his legal shrewdness is a awkward car ride with Beth back to the ranch, which ends in another attack. As soon as he gets in, Beth notices a child seat in the back and asks Jamie if he has a baby. Instead of, you know, lying - like he probably did about the woman in the county jail - he blubbers his way through to a confession and even says the baby is a boy. Beth, who had Jamie sterilized after having an abortion, immediately flies into a rage and attacks Jamie, promising to ruin him and his son. (*John's voice* Jesus Beth.) And so the tedious story of Beth Hates Jamie enters its most exciting chapter. Beth decides to get out and hitch a ride. Jamie gets up the courage to hit Beth with his car, but doesn't do it. What a performance!
Good news for Market Equities and Sarah: Jamie now has a reason (as if he needed an extra one) to betray his family again.
John Dutton's Horrible Terrible No Good Very Bad First week in office
Outstanding network
Meanwhile, in Helena, John fires an entire room of his advisers - for starting a stupid meeting without him. Suddenly without an advisor, John asks for advice. Montana authorities have just informed him that wolves from Yellowstone National Park have been killed on his ranch. An NGO (representing all evil environmentalists) will likely be after John for the murder. John is sick of this shit.
Over lunch with Senator Perry, John explains how tired he is of this shit. Perry advises John to hire an environmental consultant so he can anticipate the coming storm. We can already see what's coming next: Summer Higgins. And indeed, John temporarily releases her from prison to serve as her counselor. She says she won't see him. John says that's fine. Later that night, they immediately bond.
New allies and new enemies
Outstanding network
Kayce and Monica bury their child at the ranch. John and Beth watch from afar. John scolds Beth for her inconsistency. Beth tells John that when she dies she wants to be cremated and scattered. It's the kind of dialogue you'd expect herald her death late in the season — and we're starting to think this season might mark the end of Beth Dutton. Given the seemingly unmotivated flashbacks in Episode 1. Given the total lack of redemption in her pathological torture of Jamie. Given the approach of their most formidable enemy yet in Sarah. Everything seems to indicate that Beth is in trouble. At least that's our assumption.
After the funeral, John talks to Rainwater, who asks John to come to the reservation and meet with him. Though he hasn't told John yet, Rainwater is under political pressure and may soon be disposed of.
It's an alliance we didn't anticipate, but it could prove to be the pivotal partnership this season. John doesn't know it yet, but Jamie is vulnerable to betrayal. Beth, he knows, is unstable. He is running out of allies in his fight against rural development. If he can protect rainwater from political disposal, he might find a new way to protect his own country.
Later, Jamie meets Sarah for lunch. Sarah explains Market Equities' new strategy: to delay development until the next voting cycle, when John is likely to leave office. Of course, Sarah has a different strategy and is quick to seduce Jamie. The two meet in a bathroom. Beth, who followed Jamie to the bar, follows them both into the bathroom and discreetly takes Sarah's wallet and snaps a photo of her fake ID. She now knows who will be her main enemy.
Early the next morning, she meets Summer at the ranch. Another enemy. She decides to have a drink, and the episode ends with Beth dramatically sipping whiskey — the sort of thing a character does before dying. We're calling now. bye beth
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