‘Yellowstone’ Fans Feel Like “They Got Robbed” During Last Night's Season 3 Premiere

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Yellowstone returned to Paramount Network on Sunday June 21st.
Season three premieres brought fans straight back to Dutton Ranch - but some had mixed feelings about how the season started.
The fans' favorite show, led by Kevin Costner, is still the best rated cable drama of the summer.
Yellowstone is back - and as expected, fans are thrilled to be back at the Dutton family ranch.
The season three premiere started right where the season two finale ended: the family still vacillates from Tate's kidnapping, but focuses on protecting their hard-earned land. While there weren't any blow-out fights like the ones we saw at the end of last season, it was still packed with Dutton-level drama fans who they know and love.
Take, for example, the tense moment between John Dutton and Jamie. Despite earlier betrayals, Jamie says "trust me" to his father before meeting with the governor and attorney general to discuss how John misused his position to save his grandson from the Beck brothers. The meeting doesn't go as the Duttons had hoped and forces John to step down as commissioner. First, he asks Kayce to take up his position, but rejects her in light of recent events with his son Tate. Beth, who normally does everything in her power to take action against Jamie, asks her father to give him the position to help them claim their land. To appease his daughter, John gives Jamie a second chance as ranch commissioner, but warns him, "If you betray me again, you're dead for me." Kayce, on the other hand, remains in John's good hands, although he feels he is abandoning his father by not taking on the job of commissioner.
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Apart from the family drama, the rest of the episode deals with the main question: what is going on with the Dutton Family Ranch? Although the Beck brothers are not in the picture, John and Thomas Rainwater still have a common enemy who wants to take over their country. This season their rival is Roarke Morris, played by newcomer Josh Holloway - and they won't let him through.
Although the episode threw a couple of curve balls - mostly Beth's encounter with Roarke Morris - it stayed true to what we've seen in previous years.
Some Yellowstone viewers hoped for more.
@ ashley_grana2
Low Key disappointed with #YellowstoneTV's season premiere I think I expected them to start off with a bang! Excited for the season! #Yellowstone #DuttonRanch
9:09 a.m. - June 22, 2020
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The first episode of @Yellowstone was pretty vanilla in the last season, but they sure prepared us for a lot #YellowstoneTV
7:19 a.m. - June 22, 2020
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Others felt that the frequent commercial breaks prevented the show from running.

@ Yellowstone
@hatrat let's go to work! #YellowstoneTV Premiere TONIGHT at 9 / 8c on @ParamountNet.
Does anyone else feel like they were robbed tonight? 20 minutes of show with 40 minutes of advertising. #letdown #YellowstoneTV # Season3 #Premier I hope it gets better and fewer breaks so we can actually invest emotionally in the show
05:19 - June 22, 2020
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@ AbbysMaster
#YellowstoneTV. Waited anxiously for S # 3 - but the limited commercial interruptions were a failure! Too many! A few sweet moments were a disappointment. We'll be there next week as we are loyal fans and we know it will get better. #WelcomeBackYellowstone. We missed you
05:23 - June 22, 2020
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But overall, a lot of fans are excited to see how the show develops and whether they can finally get answers to their most frequently asked questions, including why Beth hates Jamie so much.
Korrey Blount
Man ... this first episode of @Yellowstone was incredible. The country is so beautiful. So nice to see Beth again. I can't wait to see what happened to her and Jamie years ago and why she hates him so much. #YellowstoneTV #Yellowstone #BethDutton
12:17 p.m. - June 22, 2020La Plata, MD
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No matter where you stand after the season's premiere, keep in mind that the series' newest addition, Josh Holloway, warns that the third season is gradually being built: "Expect a nice opening for a slow burn to a crashing, wild one Final." Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie, promises that the season will answer the key questions, but "the answers will eventually lead to more questions." So it looks like we're looking forward to a wild ride, and it's just the beginning.
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