Yes, ‘basement homes’ exist and this one is listed in Illinois for $35K Check it out

A one-of-a-kind residence dubbed the "Basement Home" has hit the real estate market for $35,000 in Deer Creek, Illinois.
Don't know what that is? Also, many people on a popular real estate social media page have no questions.
"Don't miss this one-of-a-kind basement home on a large beautiful corner lot," reads the listing of the two bedroom, one bathroom home. “This property offers many possibilities! Currently the house is rented but could be a great home to buy and build a larger house as there are many possibilities on the spacious lot.”
living room
While the photos show an interesting place that's the size of an apartment at 9,000 square feet, some questions arise - such as: where is the front entrance? how to get down
living room
Zillow Gone Wild, a Facebook page that highlights unique living spaces, had these kinds of observations and more when commenting on the home.
"Why don't they show the entry? No embargo?” one person asked.
"Bet you save a ton on heating bills, cooling bills, and camaraderie," joked another.
“Great tornado protection!” one person commented.
"Imagine ordering food here," someone remarked.
"Listen to me," said another. "Let's put a grassy mound on it and make a nice round entrance and call us Hobbits."
"Is this what the Weasleys' house looked like before they started having children?" one person asked.
"Actually nicer than I expected lol," one commented.
"Well you know... the tornado took the rest of the house with it so we just took everything down to the basement, put a lid on it and called it done," joked another.
property reason
"I'm not sure I'd want to live in a bomb shelter, but for the price..." someone said.
Deer Creek is about 73 miles northeast of Springfield.
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