Yes, There’s a Plant of the Year, and You’re Going to Want One in Every Room of Your House

"As we are all breathing together and waiting for a hopeful year, it was important that we choose a flower and plant that reflected the optimism we see for 2021," said Alfred Palomares, Vice President Merchandising at 1-800- “The sunflower, which stands tall and radiates joy, and the red arrowroot prayer plant with leaves that fold gratefully like hands encourage us to connect with others and make the most of the special moments in life. ”
The prayer plant is all about gratitude and respect, something we can all leave behind. What makes the plant so special is its distinctive pattern with a hint of red on the leaves. The selling point, however, is that the leaves stay completely flat during the day and fold up at night (also known as praying hands). It's pretty low maintenance; The plant needs bright, indirect light and high humidity to grow. You should keep the soil moist and foggy often, even in winter.
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In addition to falling in love with red Maranta, the company has also selected a flower of the year ... the sunflower. Nothing says positivity and happiness like this bright flower. Whether you add one (or both) of the New Year's winners, 1-800-Flowers offers helpful tips and ways your new plant friend can add to your home in 2021.
Well, it looks like we're upgrading our plant collection.
Buy the Plant: Amazon ($ 26); Terrain ($ 28); Home Depot ($ 30); Walmart ($ 30); Flower Landscape ($ 35); 1-800 flowers ($ 54)
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