You’ll never go to the beach again without this $17 Amazon find from a viral TikTok

Everyone out there deserves to have some fun this summer. This is especially true after everything we've all been through in the past year and a half. It goes without saying that we must all remain vigilant and responsible. Even if the vaccine numbers continue to rise, the delta variant lets the numbers rise again. There is no question that things continue to move in the right direction. But despite the public mood in many areas, we are still a long way from leaving the pandemic behind.
Thankfully, this time of year makes it so much easier to be extra safe during the pandemic.
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The nice thing about summer weather is that we can spend a lot more time outdoors. Needless to say, countless experts say viruses don't spread as efficiently in air outside as they do inside. That said, the more time you spend outside and socially distant, the safer you'll be this summer. In other words ... it's time to go to the beach! We found something great on Amazon that you should definitely try before you hit the beach again. Once you've tried the waterproof and sandproof ISOPHO beach blanket, you'll never want to go to the beach without it again.
This blanket went mega-viral recently on TikTok and people are still freaking out about it. Now, thanks to a discount on Amazon, it's time to see what all the fuss is about.
Think about the three things you hate most about blankets and towels that you use on the beach, in a park, at a picnic, or anywhere else. What is coming to mind? Most of all, she always soaks water. Second, they get hot. And third, they inevitably get covered with sand or dirt and you make your car and your home or hotel dirty.
This is where the waterproof and sandproof ISOPHO beach blanket comes into play.
ISOPHO's invention is a great beach blanket that is not made of towel material or other cotton. Instead, the material feels like a parachute. But don't worry, sitting or lying down isn't uncomfortable at all. In fact, it's heat-resistant, so it's more comfortable than many regular towels! It's also waterproof so it doesn't soak up moisture like a beach towel.
Oh, and the best part is that it's sandproof! That means you can stop taking the beach home with you and throwing sand all over your car and floors. A quick brush or shake of this fantastic beach blanket and you won't find a single grain of sand!
The waterproof and sandproof beach blanket from ISOPHO is really great and is now on sale on Amazon at the lowest price we have ever seen. Make sure to stop by before heading back to the beach.

ISOPHO Beach Blanket, 79 '' × 83 '' Lightweight blanket that is waterproof and sand-proof
ISOPHO beach blanket, 79 "× 83" lightweight blanket that is waterproof and sandproof
Price: $ 16.99
You save: $ 3.00 (15%)
Buy now
What you need to know about this great product:
Large (79 ″ x 83 ″) size for all of your friends or family, yet easy to fold up and pack into any beach bag - it's only about 4.7 ″ x 3.2 ″ x 6.3 ″ when firmly folded is
Weighs only 0.8 lbs so you can take it anywhere
Made of 210T polyester, therefore sand and weatherproof
Just give this beach blanket a quick shake and all the sand will come off immediately
Water also rolls off the ceiling instead of soaking up - you can also use it to protect yourself from the rain
Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and a 2 year replacement guarantee

ISOPHO Beach Blanket, 79 '' × 83 '' Lightweight blanket that is waterproof and sand-proof
ISOPHO beach blanket, 79 "× 83" lightweight blanket that is waterproof and sandproof
Price: $ 16.99
You save: $ 3.00 (15%)
Buy now
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