You’ll never guess what Jason Statham used to do before he became a movie star

I'm not sure if you could classify Jason Statham as an A-lister, but there's no denying the man is a real movie star. The English actor first jumped on the radar for his role in the cult classic and Guy Ritchie directed Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. After that, Statham appeared in Snatch, another Ritchie production.
Over the next several years, Statham became something of an action star with his signature bald head and five o'clock shadow look. In 2002 he appeared in The Transporter, which was to become a trilogy. He also starred in Crank, a bizarre but entertaining film about a poisoned killer who has to keep his adrenaline above a certain level to stay alive. Crank is basically the movie Speed, albeit with a guy replacing the bus. Since we're on the subject of movies, you should definitely check out Blood Red Sky on Netflix. It's currently the No. 1 movie on Netflix and is a good watch.
Jason Statham's career so far
So what about that random Jason Statham blurb today? Well, given that Statham is celebrating its 54th birthday this week, an interesting tidbit about Statham's life popped up online before he stepped into the acting world.
Somewhat surprisingly, it turns out that Statham was indeed a respected competitive diver in his younger days. In addition, Statham was so good that he was even on the England national team and represented the country at the 1990 Commonwealth Games.
Video from diving in Statham
The video of Statham diving at the 1990 Commonwealth Games isn't new, but it has seen a resurgence given his birthday and the ongoing 2021 Olympics. If you're curious about what Statham looked like with hair and was a diver in his younger days, you'll definitely love this 31 year old video.
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