You'll Never Guess What Prince George's Favorite Dish Is

It looks like Prince George has officially disappeared from the children's menu.
According to Chef Aldo Zilli, who worked with Prince William through the Centrepoint charity for the homeless, Prince George is a huge fan of Italian cuisine - and his favorite dish is pretty chic.
Zilli told the Daily Mail, "[William is] amazing. I'm waiting for the call because apparently his little boy's favorite is spaghetti carbonara, so I'm waiting for the call to cook it for him."
He continued, "If George has my carbonara he'll never have one again, so I have to go and make it, let's get the ball rolling and send me to the palace to cook!"
It seems that Prince George has always been interested in Italian food, as in 2018 Kate Middleton announced that he enjoyed eating (and making) pizza. Hello! In a magazine she said, "I did that to George and Charlotte - made pizza dough. They love it because they can get their hands messy."
It was also confirmed in 2019 that George really enjoyed cheesy pasta. Matthew Kleiner-Mann, executive director of the Ivy Learning Trust, said, "[George and Princess Charlotte] were making cheesy pasta the other day. You stir the flour, you add milk and butter. And they make salads and stuff."
Sounds like Prince George is well on his way to becoming a seasoned chef!
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