You're Showering at the Wrong Time Every Day, Experts Say

For many people, their morning routine consists of rolling out of bed and then immediately shuffling towards the shower to really wake up with a good conditioner. While soaking in warm water feels like the right way to start the day, doctors and scientific studies suggest that it may be better to interrupt your daily cleansing ritual. According to science, if you do it in the morning, you're showering at the wrong time every day. Read on to find out why you should wash up at night and how your routine can do more harm than good. That's how often you really should shower, say doctors.
Showering at night can help you sleep.
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According to a study published in the journal Sleep Medicine Reviews in 2019, taking a warm 10-minute shower an hour or two before hitting the comforter helps people fall asleep more easily.
"That quick cool down after leaving the shower or bath is usually a natural sleep inducer," said Dr. Christopher Winter, owner of the Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine Clinic, told The Greatist. "So it's a great way to fool your body that it's time to go to bed." And in order to make your sleep habits break down, here are 25 things to do that would horrify sleep doctors.
And you can wash away the germs of the day.
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Not only is bed drainage a great natural sleep aid, it can have other immediate health benefits as well. By rinsing off the dust and pollen that has built up on your skin and hair throughout the day before you hit the hay, you can avoid putting potential allergens in your bed, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology to take. And for another way that you can hurt your health at home, here is the one thing in your home that you don't clean and that makes you sick.
During the COVID pandemic, showering after being outdoors is key.
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Experts also point out that cleaning your body after a day on the road can be especially important during the COVID-19 epidemic. "We shower to remove dead skin cells and remove oil, dirt, sweat and bacteria," said Dr. med. Suzanne Friedler, certified dermatologist at Advanced Dermatology PC, told Everyday Health. "If you work in a place where you will be interacting with lots of people in a confined space, it's a good idea to shower immediately when you get home and before you say hello to your family." And for the areas to watch out for when showering, check out the only 3 parts of your body that you need to wash every day, says Doctor.
Showering at night is better for your skin.
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Even if all you want to do is take better care of your skin, a night shower can do wonders for your complexion. "When it comes to skin care, an evening shower is really the best option as it helps remove makeup, oil, dirt and pollutants that have built up during the day," said Boris Raspudic, general manager of Foreo. a Swedish beauty and wellness brand, said Mirror. And for the one area to avoid washing, doctors say you read the one part of the body that you should never clean.

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