You really don't want Ultimate Slip 'N Slide and "explosive diarrhea" in the same headline like this

It's mud! Don't worry, it's mud.
We don't ordinarily do this, but we'd like to start this particular Newswire with a few preliminary points, just for clarity. Let's start by realizing that while both a fun word and platonic, a fun concept, diarrhea is not really fun to experience - something that is amplified both ways when the word "explosive" comes into play. Let's also remember how the last year has boosted potentially unsafe working conditions on sets in the entertainment industry, and that the development of workable COVID-19 vaccines has in no way dampened the fact that employers have an obligation to people around ensure that they can carry out their work safely and without risk of infection or danger.
Do we have it all down? It feels important that we write all of this down before we write this next sentence.
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So, hey: it turns out that NBC's Ultimate Slip 'N Slide had to shut down production because of all the explosive diarrhea.
This emerges from a report by The Wrap which claims that up to 40 crew members on the upcoming reality competition show have developed symptoms of Giardia bowel disease, and by symptoms we mean "a new and deeply uncomfortable understanding of how all these waterslides are made "Probably feel." Given that the show - hosted by comics Ron Funches and Bobby Moynihan - is about contestants navigating a "65 foot high slippery yellow slide" with large amounts of open water on hand need to have, it is not particularly difficult to do this math how that can have happened. (Per Vulture, Universal later confirmed that waterborne Giardia parasites were found on the set.)
Ultimate Slip 'N Slide reportedly had most of its 8-week schedule behind it when the outbreak occurred. It remains to be seen if the show still reaches its scheduled premiere date on August 8th, which would have been after the Tokyo Olympics ended with a lot of footage of people splashing around in the water, splashing other people with the water , getting your mouth watered and just blissfully ignoring the really bad bathroom times that are to come.

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