'You Should Have Left' star Kevin Bacon said wife Kyra Sedgwick suggested he should make a scary movie about marriage

"You should have gone."
Kevin Bacon told insiders that it was his wife Kyra Sedgwick who suggested making a horror film about a marriage.
As a result, Bacon and director David Koepp turned the book "You Should Have Left" into a film.
Bacon said certain elements of the character he played in the film were taken from his relationship with Sedgwick.
She encourages Bacon to write in a diary and meditate - two things Bacon's character does in the film.
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Before Kevin Bacon came across a novella titled "You Should Have Left" and acquired the right to make it a scary movie, he developed one thanks to his wife Kyra Sedgwick.
Bacon told insiders that he and writer and director David Koepp had tried to find a film for years. The two previously worked on the 1999 thriller "Stir of Echoes".
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"I was really just listening to him trying to do something with me," Bacon said of Koepp.
The two knew they wanted to make another psychological thriller, but hadn't gotten a good idea. Then Sedgwick had one.
"Kyra mentioned that if we make a closed horror film, it could be fun to investigate a marriage," Bacon recalled. "David and I were still talking about ideas and I just threw it out and I could see the wheels turning in his head."
Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon.
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When Bacon wrote a review of "You Should Have Left," a 2017 novel by Daniel Kehlmann, things were really at stake. Bacon and Koepp got the rights and then produced them with Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions ("Get Out", "The Invisible Man"). They made their own story about a man with marriage problems. Bacon plays in a creepy rental house in Wales and plays Amanda Seyfried. The film follows all the strange things that are going on in the house.
Sedgwick also played a role in some elements of the film. Bacon's character, Theo, writes in a diary and often listens to meditation, which are two things Bacon does in real life thanks to Sedgwick.
"My wife bought me countless magazines, all of which are scattered around the house and I never really wrote in," said Bacon. "And she encouraged me to meditate. To use these meditation apps. That I really like my character. And David too. So there were things that were torn out of our personal lives and filtered into the script."
Bacon and Sedgwick have been married for 32 years. They met on the set of a 1988 PBS version of the piece "Lemon Sky". They have starred in numerous films together, the last time was the 2015 film "Cop Car".
"You Should Have Left" is now available on demand. You can read our review here.
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