Your Horoscope This Week: February 28, 2021

With the full moon in Virgo right behind us, it is not unlikely that we will still feel all those full moon feelings. Full moons have a great reputation, and this was no exception. In addition to everything we could think of astrologically about full moons, February 26th was the start of the lunar new year, or, Tết, the year of the ox. While it is not particularly graceful to map the teachings of the ox onto Western astrology, it is useful to recognize that a moon that celebrates and receives offerings on their behalf is a spiritually powerful celestial body. To understand how a full moon in Virgo will affect you specifically, it is helpful to find out where it lands in your natal chart and what other planets it may affect you. For something a little more casual, it's worth reading for your rising sign especially!
Aries sun & Aries rising

In the week after the full moon, you'll alternate between the commitments you've made and the dream projects you just want to return to. The muddy waters of the fishing season certainly don't help much and cast a sweet light on any dream space, be it a bed, an easel or the arms of a lover who has not yet shown you their humanity. Sometimes the best way to show yourself to your commitments and the people you made them to is fulfilling your need for dream dream. When you're feeling stressed out, take the time to imagine something - just you and your daydreams in the middle of the day.
Taurus Sun & Taurus Rising

You don't have to earn any pleasure, you know, you can just have it the way some people have water when they're thirsty. Sure, we all know you have a reputation for leaning heavily towards grandeur and lounging, but you tend to associate indulgences with a high dose of incredibly high standards for yourself, like a workhorse with a velvet rein. If this week you try to justify what is calming you down by quickly reporting on your hours and earning potential, resist! Trust that you've made enough to earn a night on the couch - or even a day! When money is not the driving force, focus on what you are producing, not on your productivity.
Gemini Sun & Gemini Rising

It's not bad to want the familiar, bury yourself in bed with an animal and call it a day. In the week after the full moon, you crave comfort and familiar places, even if the shape they take has less to do with setting and more with the people who help you feel at home. Those impulses might run a little counter to your ambitions this month, your plan to stand there and open some new doors for yourself. In reality, you will find that taking a few chances or even chances and showing yourself emotionally is a lot less daunting when you do so from a place where you feel safe and supported - even when you do. You write pitches from your ceiling fortress!
Cancer Sun & Cancer Rising

Almost no one practices 100 percent of what they preach. Especially when they feel vulnerable or when circumstances are anything but encouraging. It is unattainable to feel safe about different parts of yourself when everything around you wants you to believe the opposite - even if you are part of so-called radical circles. In fact, it is all the more confusing to be part of communities that preach some type of ethos but rarely show that belief in the practice is all the more confusing. It's hard to know why we feel uncomfortable when people around us claim they are invested in our ease ... and yet. You forgive people who respect you, don't you, for their moments of weakness? Shouldn't your practice of respect for yourself and your growth involve the same kind of grace and relativity?
Leo Sun & Leo Rising

When you are used to extremes, it is difficult to get out of them. It's easier to say that you are tired of how you feel about a situation and harder to explain the fact that you keep making up your mind about the situation. What if this week, instead of figuring out whether you want to jump in or never swim again, you take some time to sit sober, what that type of decision-making means to you? What excites you about connections or obligations that lead to equal parts avoidance of self-protection and self-extinguishing attachment? You don't need to reach conclusions, nor do you need to run away from them. It is important that you do your best to see your emotional world as a system and to recognize that it is a system in which you are actively involved.
Virgo Sun & Virgo rises

In the week after the full moon in your shield, you may have trouble keeping the balance between what you do for work and what you do to feel part of your community - provided it is there some separation. If they are one and the same thing, consider the fact that the people who said "do what you love" were not expected to be "productive" and do what they call "productive" during a global crisis. Love ". Of course, you have to keep all the balls in the air - you can always find a way - but at what cost? When you are done juggling and have time to reflect, consider the following: Complacency, while a worthy feeling, is fleeting. Do a little less, take breaks without other people, and open up to a quiet day.
Libra sun & Libra rising

When we feel insecure or uncomfortable, it is difficult to keep things straight. Dates, plans, contracts that we conclude with others, the fine print is blurred. A mistake can be the universe giving you an easy end, or it can be an outright accident. It is important to realize that we make more mistakes when we are not feeling stable. And it's hard not to feel disappointed. Disappointment is a valid feeling, and if you listen to it carefully, you can learn a lot about yourself. For example, disappointment is evidence that you have expectations and attachments that are signs of self-love. Disappointment can teach you what to want, and if you don't discount it or push it down, it can teach others what it means to feel respected and cared for.
Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Rising

Hope is not something that most of us can just stir up. It's a feeling, yes, but it's also an exercise. You slowly build it up, trying your best to pin it to something that can stand the test of time. Sometimes hope doesn't look what you'd expect, so you need to leave room for the possibility that any number of things can fuel hope within you. This week, if you are longing for that great feeling that something good is on the horizon, for a benevolent force to bring you from here to there, try to remember what helped you access that feeling as a child . For example, you may have drawn a lot and imagined your future using the pictures you took. So it would be good if you gave the child in you some time to draw. What comes closest to these first practices of hope is more than good enough for now.
Sagittarius sun & Sagittarius rises

Perhaps for as long as you can remember you've been in the hustle and bustle "Fake it till you get it". Even if, to be honest, you've been pretending very little most of the time. Despite your persistent fear of never being able to keep up, you have trained yourself well enough to be able to keep up not only with but also with many of your colleagues. Then what's stopping you from deserving your place? Could it be comforting to continue to perceive yourself to be less equipped or less qualified? This week you have many opportunities to develop your full capacity in any position you find yourself in. Take up the challenge, Sagittarius. You will find that the more you allow yourself to feel in the right place, the better this place feels.
Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Rising

It seems that what used to work for you isn't going smoothly these days. Of course, by sheer determination alone, you can and will get to the end of every track you're running on before switching to a surprisingly similar-looking track. But aren't you tired? Don't want to find another way to get things done that ultimately don't leave you feeling physically and emotionally destroyed? Of course you do! And I'm sure if you were here you would say something like, "If I could, I would." What if there were some things that you didn't know you could do? What if you need to feel a little uncomfortable to better understand the seemingly familiar? You are never too old to learn anything new, dear Capricorn, and you are certainly far from finished with your lessons.
Aquarius Sun & Aquarius rises

It turns out Ashanti was right: dreams are real and all you have to do is just believe. The first step is both the hardest and easiest part - the one where you acknowledge what you want and give yourself permission to want it. Of course there is magic in there, how could there be none? Even more so if you write it down and give it a name. A name gives life and when repeated it becomes an incantation. If you feel a vision knock on your mind's door this week, let it in. Get to know them and their needs. What would it take to bring this vision to life? Why not now? Nowadays you will find that you have more time than you know how to do. You can spend it practically, you can spend it wisely, or you can spend it to create magic.
Pisces Sun & Pisces Rise

I promise, I'm not trying to sound like someone's parents, but wouldn't you feel a little better cleaning your room? Well, maybe not your literal space (though it couldn't hurt), but the spaces you refer to as your own, the spaces you create with other people, and the spaces you work and design in. Maybe it's time to sort things out and mark them up for good measure. Feeling free and carefree may have led you on this path, but the feelings you developed along the way kept you here and weighed you down. Why don't you call it what it is and correct things? You will feel better when you can see the ground beneath you and see the shape of things. You'll feel better if the air has room to flow past you, even if that could mean saving some things for another season of the year or giving them away entirely.
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