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March horoscope
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February sent us on our merry path with a full moon in Virgo and a stationary direct Mercury and set our cosmic course for refocused and productive, if somewhat humiliated, realms. Despite the dreaminess that comes with the fishing season, we will feel our inner workhorses kick off at the start of March - and the lush planetary action yet to come this month will fuel our desire to just do shit further .
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That doesn't mean, of course, that sailing will go completely smoothly. Between Mercury entering soft-spoken Pisces on March 15th and Venus entering boisterous Aries on March 21st, our hearts (and how we express our hearts' greatest desires) will be in a dizzying state. Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but this Twitterpation is right in time for early spring. Towards the end of the month we will get another dose of Venusian zeal - Libra, the flirtatious air sign of the planet of love, will host the shining full moon on the 28th, giving us space for more light and beauty in our lives.
Aries (March 21st - April 19th)
The month begins with Mars, your ruling planet, moving into your home of communication and information. Speaking your mind and asking what you want came to your fiery sign pretty easily, but this transit will remove any lingering self-doubt in this area of ​​your life. Focus your efforts on daily work, housework, and interaction - this may seem like a mundane opportunity for such powerful Mars energy, but this path will lead to the greatest rewards. You will shine positively as you attack your to-do list, grabbing the attention of the group chat, and impressing those around you in the process. You may not be able to match your excitement, but don't take it to heart.
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Her favorite time of year, the Aries season, starts on the 20th when the sun steps into your shield for its month-long stay each year. Between this and the ongoing heavenly encouragement talk from Mars, you will feel downright unstoppable for the duration of this period. It's a wonderful time to chase your dreams and take risks that you would normally put off, especially when it comes to love, thanks to Venus connecting with the sun on the 21st. Keep in mind that Aries season tends to make everyone a little livelier and that your usual approach with the horns first can result in clashes or uncomfortable rubs.
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Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)
Have your tightest handshake and winning smile ready, Taurus. This month is your chance to make friends and influence people. The ruling planet Venus entered your career sector late last month, and your interactions at work will be steeped in its heartwarming energy for much of March. In one direction, this transit is your opportunity to rediscover (or realize for the first time) what you really, really love about your job - maybe it is your people or the way you feel after a particularly productive day. Seen in a different, more cynical light, Venus in your career zone means having a particularly charming ace in the hole when it comes to negotiating with higher-level companies or networking with promising connections. Either way, you can make this transit to your advantage if you so choose.
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Venus will move into your home of friends and community on the 21st, just in time for a little piece after all this work. Your broader social circle is asking for your presence, dear bull. Reach out to the friends you enjoy hanging out with, but who aren't always the first to call you. It's time to check in, catch up with these people, and reconnect with them (as securely as possible, of course). Notice the (possibly smaller, more distant) parts themselves that light up along the way.
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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Mercury's regression over the past month has tested your patience and determination, Gem, but heaven will largely make up for those delays and frustrations. Namely, on March 3rd, Mars will move into your shield and act as the heavenly jumper you have longed for, giving you the energy, motivation and confidence to be yourself. Leave your shyness behind and set your expectations as high as you want - this month you want you to grab the steering wheel with both hands. If you've been on hold for the past month, go back your way to the last time you felt on track towards your goals, and then step on the metal.
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If the path ahead is muddy than you remember, you'll be stuck until the new moon on the 13th. This moon phase will help you clarify your career goals and hopefully smooth out some bumps in the road. Mercury will move into your work zone a few days later, on the 15th, showing exactly how you can use your gift to outdo yourself. As you work on your charismatic magic, keep in mind that management's idea of ​​success and your personal definition of progress (which you can refine during your new moon reflections if necessary) may differ at some point.
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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
March begins calmly for you, Cancer, and puts you in a state of rebuilding and realignment of the mind. After a pretty harrowing regression from Mercury over the past month, it is your right to take a week or two to recharge and recover. Yes, this means you need to focus on your favorite ambient TV show, but it also means you need to think through your choices from the last month or so and review where they got you. Don't let this mindset open channels of needless regret. Rather, you should look again at the recent past to inform your immediate future. This is a nice moment to make sure you are on the right track and correct course if necessary before moving on.
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Aries season, which starts on the 20th, will keep this topic going as it is your annual opportunity to catch up on your professional progress. When Venus joins the Sun the next day in your career sector, your mind will be specifically focused on the social connections you have made in the workplace and how they serve you. Perhaps your working wife has become a dear friend outside of the office as well. Maybe you've finally found a mentor you can learn a lot from. Or, it is possible that you will meet the right person who will help you improve significantly - and get a little closer to your long-term goals.
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Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)
The new moon will arrive on the 13th and ask you to investigate the locking systems that assist you. You may be relying on a combination of your own efforts and that of others - perhaps your significant other, your parents, or your friends. Resist the urge to assess how you are developing feelings of security and longevity (or who is making you feel those feelings). Rather, this transit is intended to help you determine as objectively as possible whether you are satisfied with the current exchanges or whether you have the impression that you owe or are owed something.
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The sun moves into Aries on the 20th and begins a month of wanderlust. You will feel this itch every time Aries season goes around, but this year it will be harder to scratch. Under normal circumstances, this is a wonderful time to go on a distant journey or to take up a new, insightful hobby that exposes you to new, insightful people. Your movement and interactions may be limited right now, but you can still find enrichment in your immediate surroundings. The next 30 days are going to feel a lot warmer and more rewarding if you can expand your horizons from home, perhaps by joining a book club or adding a fussy plant to your collection. Challenge yourself in a way that welcomes growth, Leo, and watch your wanderlust subside.
Virgo (23 August - 22 September)
At the beginning of this stormy month, remember the basic message of the full moon of the last month that took place in your own sign. You are capable, even when the odds are stacked against you, even if the voice in your head is turning towards harsh self-criticism, you are so capable Virgo. If you're still questioning your potential, mark your calendar for the 3rd when Firebrand Mars moves into your career sector. Instead of refuting your self-doubt, this transit will simply drown it out, highlight your ambitions in bright neon and urge you to act, minor mistakes are doomed.
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There is something that you were dying to do. to carry out a passion project and bring it to life; to claim your reward and receive it promptly. But that zeal is usually hindered by your sign's innate desire to polish and perfect. Just once, ignore that instinct and see what comes when you do, Virgo. Recognition and rewards are likely to follow, and perhaps more importantly, you will reconsider your understanding of what it means to be "enough".
Libra (September 22nd - October 23rd)
Are you ready to streamline and define your everyday life, Libra? After a smooth start to March, not least thanks to last month's full moon, you have two brilliant opportunities in your home of privacy and restoration to focus on your work, your well-being and your routines with new focus and self-confidence. The first will take place on the 13th along with the new moon. This will help you identify where your health priorities should be and where you can relieve pressure. The second will arrive on the 15th when Mercury moves into Pisces and brings forth new activities in your daily life. Organization (or organization) is key to staying afloat as your to-do list grows and your schedule reaches capacity.
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The full moon on the 28th is in your own sign and highlights the work you have done over the past month - and, perhaps more importantly, why these efforts are important to celebrate. Like your neighbor Virgo, you tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, Libra, which can force you to withhold praise and self-love if you go a little below the high expectations you have placed on yourself. Let that moon phase be your reminder to pat yourself on the back, even if you gave yourself nine out of ten.
Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)
It may be gray and bleak outside, but the stars offer you a spring break for your soul. Since the beginning of the fishing season last month, not only has the sun been in your home of pleasure, but the new moon will visit it briefly on the 13th, and cerebral Mercury will come by on the 15th for a slightly longer stay. As a result, you will be taking your game time very seriously. When you tell your truth, see the humor in all things, and even act out of your responsibility, you will feel incredibly fulfilling - and the new moon will help you understand why certain things make you happy. Is there a constant theme that runs through your sources of happiness? Do they offer a similar sense of relief? Do they come from the same source? This type of interview should not be used to judge, but rather to determine how to maximize and maintain your enjoyment.
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The sun will invade your wellness area on the 20th and focus your thoughts on your needs (calm, rejuvenation, reflection) that may not spark passions but still keep you afloat. Which begs the question: Can you enjoy just taking care of yourself Scorpio?
Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)
It was a great mercy when Mercury ended retrograde in late February and cleared up the nebula you were in for most of the month, Say. More relief on the Mercury front is on the way when she slips into your home and hearth zone on the 15th. Usually the great unknown beckons so you can neglect your household chores, but when the brisk messenger planet makes this transit you will find it more satisfying to meet your domestic needs. Not only does this mean you can finally get around to organizing the pile of clothes on that one chair. You can also delve deeper into how you look after your home (and the people who live in it). Acts of service and conversations full of memories will feel especially good right now.
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Speaking of wellbeing: The Aries season begins on the 20th and begins a time of creative rejuvenation. Look for ways to express your joy and sense of humor - both will be in abundance in the next month if you heed the sun's message to make the game a priority. With this period of exuberance, of course, there will be some vulnerability. As much as you love to keep people at bay, it is important to let them in if you want to share your vision, Say.
Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)
It's an earth sign's greatest dream: all practical things will be your focus for the month ahead, sturdy Capricorn. First of all, Mars will charge the sector that governs your wellbeing and routines, making even the most annoying personal maintenance tasks feel like a breeze. Indeed, you can feel motivated to improve your self-care, such as overworking your breakfast (a pot of black coffee doesn't make a meal) or adding regular breaks to your work day. This is an excellent time to respond to goals that you've put off for your wellbeing. Just approach them cautiously and dislike an all-or-nothing mindset if you are off course.
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Next is your communication zone, which will receive a visit from the new moon on the 13th and an extended stay from Mercury on the 15th. The former will bring your thoughts into crystalline clarity (if you take a quiet time to let it happen). Two days later, the latter shows you how much you can achieve after that evening of mental TLC. Your mind won't be calm during Mercury's stay, but it will certainly be efficient. Problem solving, mediation, and the occasional debate will remove your usual boredom in your eyes. Instead, you will find a new sense of achievement as you get your brain to work and solve every puzzle that lies before you.
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Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)
You always have money on your mind during fishing season, Aquarius. As much as you might want to think of yourself as being beyond the material realm, financial matters will get your focus during the first half of March, and increased activity in your money zone in the middle of the month will only increase your cash consciousness. First, the new moon on the 13th shows you why it is so important to look after your finances without judgment, shame, or fear. Taking an objective perspective can help you determine what is best for your financial health. And then, on the 15th, when Mercury moves in for a short stay, you will find what you need to take steps towards the goals you set yourself during the new moon. The following weeks are particularly good for brainstorming sideline activities or simply for a raise.
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Fortunately, from the 3rd onwards, Mars will charge and play your pleasure house. However, it does require you to claim some free time amid your efforts to make money.
Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Mars will move into your home zone on the 3rd, setting the scene for a month of feathering your nest. You will finally have the crucial energy you need to bring your DIY vision board to life, but with the same energy you could unusually steamroll the people you share your home with. You have a very clear idea of ​​what comfort means to you right now, but don't let the needs of your loved ones overwhelm you. If you can coexist as humans in the same room, you can also find a way for your prospects.
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The new moon on the 13th arrives in your sign and triggers optimism and uncertainty in equal measure. If possible, take some time for yourself during this phase of the moon and think about yourself - the way you are in this moment, who you could be on the full moon in two weeks' time, and the person you could grow into Furthermore. You are an old Pisces soul and it is easy to feel yourself appearing on this level that is fully formed and realized, but your ability to grow is limitless. All you have to do is determine the direction in which you want to expand.
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