Your Weekly Horoscope, October 11th to October 17th: A Thunderstorm of Dramatic Energy Is Heading Your Way

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This weekly horoscope is intense, but as long as you stand in your truth you can get through the frustrating and dramatic energy when it gets in your way. Libra basks in Capricorn with Jupiter on October 11th and expands your ego and your desires. Mercury, which is in Scorpio, connects with Venus, which is in Virgo on October 12th, will increase your emotions.
Mercury begins its retrograde journey in Scorpio on October 13th. Secrets are being revealed so be careful what you see and hear. The sun and Mars, retrograde in Aries, face each other on October 13, causing interpersonal clashes with others. The sun will get the knots of fate going on October 14th and build your confidence.
On October 14th, Jupiter and Neptune, retrograde in Pisces, align for the third and final time in 2020 (the other dates were February 20 and July 27). It's time again to pursue your dreams and create your visions. The Sun and Pluto, which are in Capricorn, meet on October 15th and bring power struggles and jealousy to the head.
The week ends with the Libra New Moon on October 16, when you will be asked to reevaluate relationships and make decisions about them.
Below is your weekly horoscope. Be sure to read your signs for rising and sun.
It's your time to shine! Not only do things develop at work, but your love life also flourishes. The only caveat is that your finances turn out to be less than outstanding. But getting high marks on two out of three things in your life is more than amazing.
You have a different mood right now, which allows you to think outside the box. Looking at things from a new and bigger perspective will give you an opportunity to better understand situations. You see things more clearly than before.
It is time for you to develop the relationship (crush, S.O., friend, or family member) that you have invested your energy in. You can make sweeping changes (for the better) to change the way the two of you relate and connect with each other if you're open now.
Your feelings seem excessive (including you, sentimental, cancer). Instead of ignoring your feelings, lean on them. Your feelings are valid and you should let them out before they build up inside. It will purify, refresh and revitalize your life and mood.
Tension is building up with your co-workers and you wish you could hide from them. You can't avoid your employees forever. However, you can limit unemployment and the interactions you have with them to avoid conflict. Be smart about the amount of energy you give.
Whether you know it or not, you need to set boundaries with others to make sure you don't go overboard with your best friends. This means that you hold back from what you say and what you allow yourself to be part of or give to the friendship.
You deserve to be valued in your work. All the more reason to ask for an increase or a title change to demonstrate your responsibility. Be kind, grateful, confident, and easy going when you send the email to your boss. You may receive what you want as a result of your email.
At the moment there can be friction in your personal relationships. This is a direct result of the gossip among your friends. Don't be afraid to bring up the rumors to purify the air. This will save you dramatic ups and downs this week.
Changes in work happen behind the scenes, which makes you feel paranoid. Before you start thinking that your co-workers and your boss are going against you, ask them direct questions. They will give you truthful answers that will allay your fears and allow you to get to the bottom of the matter.
Before you rush through another week of high stress, give yourself a moment or two to rest your beautiful bones. When you let yourself decompress, you can take on whatever projects you have without feeling confused about it. Also, try to organize yourself to get your job done.
While it may be difficult, try to center yourself this week. If you allow yourself to embrace your fears and dreams, you will find that you can let go of all the hesitation about turning your visions into reality. Focus solely on your amazement to achieve greatness.
Finding your voice in your peer group can be challenging as your friends can sometimes dominate and overwhelm you. Don't be afraid to get up and assert yourself. You can and will be heard by your friends. After all, you deserve it.

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