Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, Based on Your Sign

By Cosmopolitan
You don't have to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross-spread to get the most out of reading a tarot card. Everything you need: your sun sign! Here's what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull the cards out in order from Aries to Fish, as well as a general card for everyone, so you can get specific advice on your personality. Let's go!
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Photo credit: Rider-Waite Deck / Raydene Salinas Hansen
The hermit is a powerful tarot card about private reflection. We probably all need some time to think about recent events and let our emotions catch up. It is important to be with people, but it is also important to have a private space for thinking and processing. The hermit takes himself very seriously and he also takes his life seriously. Think about how you feel, what you do, and how you contribute to the world around you. Think about how you want to be in this life. Let the changes start from the inside.
Photo credit: Raydene Salinas Hansen / Rider-Waite-Deck
The judgment is something that we can all fear and avoid. However, part of the process is understanding our life story and figuring out how we want to change. Use this week to assess yourself: what works? What is not What would you like to address in the further course of 2020? Second chances are possible. The power is in your own hands.
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Stoic tauren do not like sudden changes and prefer to look at the whole situation carefully before making a decision. It's okay, take your time, bb. The ace of coins shows you how to move in the right direction and your pace is entirely up to you. Don't let others rush you. Take it slowly and steadily; We all know you will get there.
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Twins basically invented ghosting. When you're done, you're done and you don't like dramatic scenes or goodbyes. The Ten of Swords sees you in action this week. You decide that you have had enough of someone or something and you are ghosting. But stop and think twice, Gemmy. It is friendlier to let them know that you are away and not to expect them than to let them read. Go on and on, but don't burn your bridges.
Photo credit: Raydene Salinas Hansen / Rider-Waite-Deck
Security is important to you, cancer. They love to save, invest, improve and repair. With The Nine of Coins, you're looking this week for ways to build confidence in your stability. Financial reviews, career dialogue, home improvement - all of these are necessary and useful ways to spend your time now. Take control.

Photo credit: Raydene Salinas Hansen / Rider-Waite-Deck
Leos love to love. They are passionate, warm-hearted, attention-grabbing and protective. They attract admiration and are attracted to people who need help. The Ace of Cups sees the potential for new, important relationships in your life this week - romantic or otherwise. Trust yourself and contact those you want to get to know better - you are a great partner, friend and ally.
Photo credit: Rider-Waite Deck / Raydene Salinas Hansen
The fool is the patron saint of the Tarot beginnings, which are inspiring, fun and lead to a whole new journey. What projects do you want to start? It's time to activate your ideas. When others raise an eyebrow, it's up to them. Do what inspires you - it's time to start your journey into the unknown.
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