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Yung Joc and his wife Kendra Robinson, stars of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, were candid about their relationship in a recent interview with Suavv Magazine. The couple addressed infidelity and previous indiscretions that plagued their relationship in a video clip posted by the media outlet.
During the interview, Robinson clarified misconceptions about being caught up in the drama that caught Joc and the reality show's production team before walking down the aisle.
She recalled one of the storylines from the show involving his alleged side chick, Meda. Robinson stated that Joc introduced her to Meda when the alleged lover needed legal advice. Robinson is an Atlanta attorney.
She stated that she was aware of Joc's previous involvement with Meda and that he was very forthcoming with information. Unfortunately, the production and Meda exaggerated their past, making their first encounter very confrontational.
Meda is a new cast member; the entrepreneur is best friends with dancehall artist Spice. According to The Things, Meda and Jock had a 14-year relationship. Their time together possibly overlapped with the time leading up to his marriage to Robinson.
Later in the interview, Robinson mentioned that she too had been unfaithful in the past and was nervous if she and Joc would make it through the annulment period.
Robinson claimed that although Joc assured her he was done with his past behaviors, she did not mess with him.
"If someone is a crackhead on one side of the broom when they step on the other side of the broom, they're still playing blackjack. I still lean on it like it's no difference."
Stressing how serious she was, Robinson said: "I shared with him and I was serious as a rattlesnake. We're still in
Cancellation period, OK. You know the marriage contract there.”
She continued, "So I can keep moving north and you can keep messing around."
Joc laughed at his wife's "rattlesnake-serious" comment but agreed he didn't want to waste her time or play with her heart.
Robinson continued to air her grievances about her interaction with Meda.
She mentioned her dislike of looking weak in the situation and that this is not an example for young girls, especially her daughters. Joc had eight children prior to his marriage to Kendra.
"I told him, now take one of our daughters to meet and fall in love with a man like you. A man who radiates and displays the demeanor and has all the qualities that you have. The good, the bad, the ugly and in between. Would you mind telling her?"
Joc replied: "I wouldn't be mad because there's one thing I'm going to offer and I'm a protector. That's one thing."
Robinson refuted Joc's answer, telling him that being a provider and protector is not proof of being a liar.
She then brought up his sons and how his actions could have a negative impact.
"Your life is not normal. It's not just any model I want Amir, A'moni, or Cadence to follow. I don't think their mothers would either. So let's be honest.”
The pair eventually turned the interview into a sort of therapy session and proceeded to pick apart their relationship.
The conversation took a dramatic turn when Joc politely checked his wife for her statements that reveal too much to the public and portray him negatively.
"I don't care if the camera is in front of me or if someone asks me questions. I'm not going to reveal everything that's going on with me. Just like now, you're not going to sit in front of these people and tell them your credit.”
Joc continued, "You're not going to sit here and tell me your social security number, nor are you going to sit here and tell them what's in your bank account."
"Well, some things are better left unsaid and private, and I will do that. So when you address me, never make it seem like I'm the worst of the worst, because I'm not," Joc said.
The 42-year-old rapper continued, "Because I came through and changed your life and it wasn't about me not having money; it was about integrity.”
He added: "It was about me standing up for you. It was about me helping you open your eyes to see things no other man made you see.”
Robinson then sat quietly while making his point.
"So when you talk about me and address me please keep that in mind as I love you for who you are, good and bad. You know I love you but I would never tell the world I don't want my daughters to be like you because then I wonder why you're with me."
Joc ended his impassioned dialogue and told his wife he never wanted to hear her say those words again.
Robinson took the hint and apologized to the interviewer before allowing him to continue.
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