Zack Snyder teases a Justice League Snyder Cut story change involving the DCEU’s Robin

Zack Snyder has reported on social media to learn more about the Justice League's Snyder Cut, especially a DCEU riddle that could possibly be covered in more detail in the 2021 HBO Max publication.
"Did you have plans to delve deeper into the background of [Dick Grayson's] death in your future films? Maybe [Justice League]?" Fan Maroof Husain asked on Vero (via CBR). Snyder's tempting answer? "A clue" will be in his version of the Justice League.
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Robin was striking due to his absence in the DCEU film series. His suit was exposed with suicidal joker graffiti, while Ben Affleck's Batman continues to consider losing his buddy against Superman in Batman.
Even more interesting - unless Snyder misunderstood the question - is that Dick Grayson died, not Jason Todd.
In the comics, Todd ended with jokers and a crowbar. The death of Grayson not only shakes the retelling of the story, but also leaves the possibility that Jason Todd (or another Robin) will step into the green and red robe of the Boy Wonder.
That might have been the original plan. In 2018, when the Snyder Cut was still a hashtag and not a reality, Snyder teased that he had plans for Robin (H / T These plans included Grayson's Robin remaining dead and Carrie Kelley taking over the coat.
While Robin's future is unlikely to be planned in the DCEU - at least not as Snyder would have hoped for - in the upcoming Snyder Cut we could see at least the last day of an iteration and the moment that Batman broke.
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